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  1. bilnye

    IOS v Android Remote App functionality

    Yes bump please. I just watched the tutorial (which is on an Apple device) and found there are differences in where certain button/functions are on the Android screen. But I was able to figure them out. But as the OP said- I can't see where the half speed button is for learning the songs. I have a fast paced song I want to learn but it is too fast! Thanks!
  2. bilnye

    Amplifi Windows interface failure

    Removed all Line6 software from Win7 PC laptop. Then tried fresh installs of current official Line6 driver, utility, and the most current firmware. Followed procedure but no dice! Took it to friend who had a newer iPad. Upgraded to new firmware successfully! Although it did take over an hour. Based on parsonsg post, and a lot of our bad experiences, it appears Win7 is not fully reliable for this task. The evidence seems to suggest the best options for updating the Amplifi products are either Win8 or a newer Apple device. Good luck!
  3. I had a used Mk1 express that I thought was making a low hum when connected to the Amplifi. Took it back to Guitar Center and got a newer (but still returned) MkII. Same issue. But what was odd using them on GC's demo Amplifi 75 it didn't hum, but made clicking noises. Tried different CAT5 cables, and no change. The 75 was dead quiet when the pedal was disconnected. Then I ordered a NIB (new in box) Amplifi 150 and new MKII Express. So far no more weird noise issues. But I may have another issue. If I have Wah enabled on, say preset B and switch to another letter, the pedal loses the wah control and also the volume. Then if I switch back to the original letter, the pedal is still not working. All the while, the Wah LED is still lit. I expect the the wah to still be on when I go back to the original letter preset. Or this actually how it is supposed to work? (note: I can re-enable the pedal by pressing all the way forward [hard] till it clicks. That resets it to volume. Then I can set it back to Wah.) I haven't updated the software on the pedal yet. Anyone? For more info on updating via PC vs Apple see this /http://line6.com/support/topic/10129-amplifi-windows-interface-failure/
  4. bilnye

    Updating Amplifi 75

    I've updated with a possible fix in another thread on this same topic, so I'll refer to it here -- http://line6.com/support/topic/10129-amplifi-windows-interface-failure/ And I'll stop posting on this one.
  5. bilnye

    Amplifi Windows interface failure

    Here's a post from line6Tony that may shed some light: My win7 PC does auto lookup a Windows driver and install it. Maybe this is the root of the problem? In control panel/device manager, the Amplifi appears to be running correctly with no apparent problems- but maybe really isn't? I'll try deleting the Windows driver and downloading the official Line6 driver first then connecting the amp to my PC and see if that helps. I'll get back to you all soon.
  6. bilnye

    Updating Amplifi 75

    Good for you mate! You give me hope. I'm going to try to find a pal with another PC or Apple device. But from what I'm gathering, using any PC is a crapshoot. So maybe Apple is the best way? (on a funny note, I also have a HTC 1 M8. It's quite a sweet piece of kit, eh?)
  7. bilnye

    Amplifi Windows interface failure

    Yeah I knew there was a conspiracy to force me into an apple product! ;) :joke: Steve Jobs strikes from the great beyond! :o Anyways, I keep looking for a person who'll let me borrow their PC, or Apple device.
  8. bilnye

    Amplifi Windows interface failure

    FRAK! sorry for language. Look. The problem is I have a win7 64bit system. Called line6 support and have ticket opened. He suggested getting local Guitar Center (where it was bought) involved. They won't allow software downloads. Or a "friends computer" which might work. But this is intolerable! Why can't I just update the freakin' amp?!!??! I'm just so upset now. What have you'all found to fix this update issue?
  9. bilnye

    Updating Amplifi 75

    I'm having the same exact issue trying to update a Amplifi 150. The procedure here http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/amplifi-products/ampl/how-to-update-amplifi-with-a-pc-r701 Says "***NOTE: The fifth slide is out of sequence. After connecting the USB cable, you must put AMPLIFi 75/150/TT into Update Mode by holding the Tone and Tap buttons as you power up. At that point, open the updater program or hit the "Retry Connection" button. On the FX100, Update Mode is started by holding the A and C buttons while powering up." So I wonder if I/we are not setting the amp into update mode at the right spot in the sequence, then- open the updater program and hit the "Retry Connection" button. I'll try that tonight. Meanwhile, Line 6 should correct that set of instructions to clear the confusion.