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  1. The phone is a Zopo C2, running on Android 4.2.1. I have flashed the firmware a few times. Turning the Amplifi with Tune and Tap pressed, and then resetting with Tune and Volume knob after finishing.
  2. No luck. Done it twice, at some point I could see Amplifi TT in the app, but lasted only 2 seconds, then when back to the same failure mode...
  3. Hi, Maybe I did not explain myself correctly. Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a try! Thanks!
  4. O.k. I might be over thinking it a bit.... but, how do I set the tone I want if the app never worked??
  5. Hi, I am having issues with my Amplifi TT. I unable to connect it to my Android 4.2.1. Can pair it, but the remote app losses connection when trying to sync to it. I have tried all possible reset procedures I have found on the site. Any idea what I might try? I am not 100% sure that when if the factory reset is really happening when I power up pressing Tone and the master Knob. I have seen some times 4 white lights turning on for a second around the knob, but that's all. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  6. Yep,... piece of s.....t.... got it today, connects with my phone, but the app losses data connection continuously and I cannot use it.....
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