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  1. oh geez, i found it - i wish they would make this much simpler to use, i couldnt even find this in the manual, where to select microphone. PLEASE BRING GEARBOX BACK, i would pay for it all over again
  2. yes i have the same prob, ive been everywhere all over the internet too, and have not found anywhere where it shows HOW TO SELECT MIC AS SOUND INPUT, the guitars come through well automatically without even selecting anything, but the microphones DO NOT. and i also want to mention that every person that has tried to reply in any forum, has no clue what the problem is, and is only stating the obvious, and the replies are in no way related to the issue, very frustrating.... . the issue is - THERE IS NO WHERE TO SELECT THAT I AM NOW USING MIC AS THE INSTRUMENT, i wish they would bring GEARBOX back, this is a headache and a waste of 1 week of my time so far. time is valuable, but my toneport stopped working after all these year
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