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  1. Finally pat with the guitar and send it in to the mother-ship. Working with the support team has been great.
  2. That is always the frustration, you have this great sound coming from an amp but it has to be translated to tape. Not getting the resonance from an electric guitar by being in the same room is a cardinal sin, but it is done all the time. Trade-offs! If we are not careful we sell off the most important asset, our ears tracking with headphones all day long. So modelers, are here to stay, and in a big way. Those top-shelf, pricy, modelers, Kemper?, gorgeous sounds but not sure if there are any tuning on the fly capabilities, like the JTV, but that sells it. Those preprogrammed tunings are right on, even when you dive on a whammy with a 12 string acoustic patch. Too good to be true and I have yet to find the catch. I do wonder how folks capture and edit their MIDI performances with this particular box. It doesn't just 'show-up" like my keyboard in ProTools. Haven't had the need to explore so there's more drivers involved or something like that. Anyone have any luck with MIDI? Once it is sequenced, you see, you should be able to use any midi sequencing app. on your Android which appears to be the footer for your messages. I'll do a little sleuthing and I'll check out that Christmas album in a couple months. Sounds like you have some great experience and so I appreciate the chat.
  3. Thanks psarkissianThat is the trick isn't it. I'm not near a center to walk it in so I send it? I've poked around here but could you direct me to the first step of the process. I'm tempted to save the trouble and do what Bigband did. But the video was to document the problem right after I received the instrument new, and I haven't returned it, so no need to take credit for it being on your bench, unless you just outed it as a refurb...What is the first step? How long will it take?
  4. @Pianoguyy So cool that you would chime in, (at 3AM) first, since I watched a brilliant scene from Vinyl (HBO) last night; Alice Cooper and Co. terrorize a record guy, and second I wonder if you experimented with having a MIDI file for a whole show? Honestly cannot imagine what that must be like to be in front of all of those fans and the only thing blocking your view, sometimes, is Shania Twain, or Alice Cooper? Nice. Or have you been recording more with these professionals? Would be very interested to hear how you do it. What's your rig? I'd just get a laptop, an Old Macbook Pro, load up the full suite, go manual or MIDI and use the screen for a prompter. Watching someone like EVH work his pedal bank all night is really amazing, but in the interest of money and efficiency and the lack of a guitar tech, HD500X solves the problem and they throw in an EVH 1/2 down patch for good measure. The trouble is, if the whole thing goes, well, you are hosed, I would suppose. If your Flanger goes, in Cheyenne Wy. that is the con and not the prose. The other issue that seems clear is that if I am recording exclusively out of the same box, It must sound like its all coming out of the same box. When I was considering buying one of these units, and others will connect to your Android, there was a pretty defiant bunch that had nothing good to say about this instrument. They are still not "over it". So for variety of sound, I thought I would have to get an amp, etc., Even Page, I understand, would would borrow guitars for sessions. And the fact remains, there is a sound that is way better coming out of my VOX, to my ears than straight from the POD; the warmth, the brown, the complex undertones of distortion, Yadda yadda, it is true, all of those talking points are correct, but to get a consistent sound, or instantly sound like any guitar, I cannot stop sounding like a plant for the marketing dept., but one show in Cheyenne Wy. covers the cost of another one for the road. So you know I'm not a plant, most of the acoustic patches only sound good with brand new decent gauge strings and a picking hand that is gentile and avoids adding a nasal tone with convex shape. Wait you are a Piano guy? One of the "Piano Guys?" please elaborate on your thoughts, workflow and ideas. Thank you for thoughtful reply. Please listen to my songs and let me know what you think. Definitely working in a vacuum w/o the tubes, so would love feedback.
  5. At that time when the video was shot I think it had 10-11s but Big Bottoms, so I considered that, (cat 5 length, Modes, external hauntings etc.) but no, this guitar stays in standard tuning (better than any other guitar), will try to see if I can get the phenomenon to happen again. Since I work around it with software I don't encounter it and thought a flash update would remedy it, but sure I'll start a ticket since it sounds like you have a higher understanding of the problem. Grateful you chimed in!
  6. Switching with the Pod HD500X Edit software via USB is my way around. My switches stay put for the most part.
  7. Yep, the rig is irreducible. It inspires the creative process by not interrupting it. It really is amazing to have tech like this available. Love the in depth features sometimes for a Mic selection or just a go to patch that I know is perfect. I gush like a fan, but this is coming from someone who has a JTV on my knee right now, since I got it with the 500X 2 years ago. So I am naturally an evangelist and wonder if there are others who feel like we struggled through, trying out all of these different effects for decades; patch cables, wall warts, no problems with testing a 9 Volt with your tongue etc. And now, to have what would have been a miracle back in the day right here available, it is almost like I am obligated to constantly create. What was that that Newton said about standing on the shoulders of great people? Just the Rain Song patch has inspired a continuous rehearsal of the song, along with the many other recognizable signature sounds. The Back in Black, even Aint Talkin patch is right on the money. The 500X+JTV69 combo is indispensable. Tried and tested, ten years on the kidney bean and now after 2 years with the dream rig of a few years ago, worth every shoulder. Well done Line 6.
  8. VOX "Night Train" Amp for Sale. Bought it because I was afraid Pod effects would never sound decent without tubes. Rarely used. Retail price offers only! This (OC) demonstrates some of the tones and patches found with 500X, + JTV69 including down-tuned Tenor Acoustic, Sitar (Next to a real one), and Les Paul patches. If you are struggling to find a decent demonstration of the sounds out of the boxes, hopefully this is a helpful example. https://soundcloud.com/gib-berry/tribute-song https://soundcloud.com/gib-berry/chicane-narc
  9. Greetings, I have a JTV-69 that has been power cycled, re-flashed with the latest, plugged in numerous ways, with or without battery etc. A problem unfortunately persists. If I play a single note, or chord it will randomly pitch-shift or it seems to be changing from one tuning mode to another. The tuning selector knob will turn off and on. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Here is a video of the issue https://youtu.be/f-MVu7E7zT0
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