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  1. Finally got the screen in from full compass and swapped out. Dis-assembly was pretty straight forward, lots of screws, hot glue, and plastic clips. The ribbon cable for the LCD is the only one that is soldered directly to the board, go figure. So after de-soldering the old one I got the new one soldered up with an extra pair of hands from a friend. Anyone with decent soldering skills and some patience should be able to pull this off. Now that it is up and running, I am totally stoked with the sound. Wish I would have just dished out the money for one instead of the boat load of pedal I used to drag around.
  2. I ordered the screen through full compass, 4-6 week back order. It is a different part number than the one on the website so call if you need one. They were very helpful in getting me the right part. I have repaired several electronic devices, the plan is document, go slow, put it back together, and rock out. Feeling a good video on the screen replacement may help alot of people out so gonna try to put one up when I get the parts. Thank you all for the feedback. As a side note my local authorized repair place said $175 to start, price from full compass including shipping $31.25
  3. Has anyone replaced the LCD screen, how hard was it to do? Any help would be appreciated. All the repair quotes I have gotten are pretty high. Also is it possible to buy the frame/bezel that goes over the lcd.
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