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    How do you use the remote app for the spider V?

    i had a question, how do i delete tones that are im "my tones"? i cant seem to find a delete button
  2. ok go my amp working with my wireless, but i dont think i can use any of my stomp pedals(precision drive, noise gate, etc) when the receiver is built into the 240hc.. there is no effects loop...
  3. Hi everyone need some help. When i turn my amp on everything is fine..but after i let it warm up for a min and switch it from stand by to start playing i get this hum... Sometimes it gets a little louder when playing and ill get a pop or crackle..then after a few minutes it will go away. Ill switch it to standby and it goes away......is it my cabinet? Everyday i go to play it will hum when i switch it from standby???? Help
  4. thanks a bunch appreciate it :)
  5. bought the amp last feb-used. never had them changed...my first tube amp