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  1. I'm trying to come up with a compressor-related tone, so I thought I'd post on this thread... In years past, I used the 'attack' knob on a Boss CS-2 Compressor/Sustainer to get rid of pick attack in order to emulate a violin or cello. The built in compressor effects on the Amplifi 150 don't have this option. I've been using the Auto Swell stomp box, but it's not really making me happy. The pick attack is gone, but there's too much of a volume swell rather than just a consistent volume minus the pick attack. I know I'm explaining this poorly... To give you a frame of reference, I started with the embedded tone for "Streets Have No Name". Then I rolled back the drive and reduced the delay effects a bit. Finally, I added the Auto Swell stomp box and set the ramp to ~50% and the depth to 100%. In short, does anyone have a tone that would work nicely to emulate violin. Think slow, haunting notes in a large-ish space.
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