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  1. +1 Well said. The Amplifi 150 had a bit of a bumpy start but it's working much better now that they've upgraded a few things and I'm happy with it and have confidence in Line 6. I would definitely consider a Firehawk or Helix (most likely the Helix because I think it's worth the extra money). I would like to add that for what these units are capable of doing and taking the cost into consideration you have to feel lucky these days. Unless you have tons of money, space and motivation, having all of these amps and effects and switching options isn't feasible for most of us. I'm glad Line 6 is making the products they do and are constantly researching and developing new technology. B)
  2. Would you mind describing the ways? I'm seriously considering the Helix but at $1500 and then possibly I need an L2t or something similar to go with it that's a lot of money, I could get a boutique amp and some pedals for not that much more and I don't want to be unhappy with this purchase. gunpointmetal mentioned, "have all of that in a single patch and switch "channels" like the two-amp rigs in the 8th set-list" but since I don't have one I have an idea what that means but not 100% sure. Currently I have an Amplifi 150 and it's good but not cutting it for what I want to do. Basically I want to be able to play all the parts in any given song, say there's a chorus arpeggiated section, a crunchy rhythm section and a soaring sustainy lead part, I thought with the Helix I'd be able to switch between those three instantly. If that's not the case then maybe it's not for me or I need to use it differently. I'd like to see if I can get this done for around $3000 or thereabouts, the Helix & L2t would be like $2500 so that's at the low end of my budget but my feeling is I'd rather spend $3000 - $3500 and have it perfect than spend $2500 and still be lacking.
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    Aux In

    I have 1000 songs on my phone and I use the headphone out to the aux in to listen to music all the time, it works great. I'm not an audiophile when it comes to these songs but I use the EQ settings on my phone to tweak the sound but it sounds clear, loud, doesn't distort, bass is good. Actually I use it more for audio playback these days than as a guitar amp because there seems to take me 10 minutes to log in to Line 6, get the Bluetooth working right, sometimes I need to restart my phone but once I get it working as a guitar amp then it's good. For audio playback I just turn it on, plug in the aux in and go, works every time.
  4. IDK what the deal is with this product, I hadn't used it for a while and I went to play it yesterday and it connected but the controls didn't work although it did decide to start playing some random song that was on my phone for some reason while I was trying to figure out what was wrong with it and why it was unresponsive, I had to reconnect it 2 times, restart my phone, turn the Bluetooth on/off again, and then it finally started working right and then worked fine for the next couple hours I was playing. My plan is to get another amp or the Helix and then use the Amplifi to play music/backing tracks/saved loops while I use the other amp or Helix to jam on. The only reason I'm not overly upset is that the Amplifi was inexpensive and it's great to use to play music on using the aux-in, sounds really good with the songs on my phone, I use it as a stereo these days more than for playing guitar.
  5. It would be nice if they could but does anyone know if the Amplifi even has the capacity to add something like this? The other issue is a decent looper pedal on its own costs $100 - $150, how much can we really expect for the price of the Amplifi? Again, I'd love to have it but if it doesn't have the capacity, I'd certainly understand.
  6. So if I want to switch patches within a song, say I'm playing a super clean, all treble funky chaka-chaka type thing and then in an instant I want to go into a crazy over-driven solo with delay and wah, there's going to be a lag time involved so I can't instantly switch to that for the solo and when it's over switch back to the funky clean treble sound/patch without a pause?
  7. Once you have the PC updater it's easy every time. I've updated twice using that and it gave me no problems.
  8. What are you plugging the Helix into and how's it been working out? Sorry, I didn't mean my reply personally, it's just my feelings on it. I've been frustrated with the Amplifi myself and I thought about returning it many times but to me it's so cheap that I can't even justify the trouble. At a minimum I can use it for practicing and music playback. I am curious about your experience with the Helix, also would like to know your experience and feelings on other gear such as amps/pedals as it pertains to your experience with Helix. Thanks.
  9. I'm wondering if there's a step you're not doing because mine has been working amazingly well since the most recent firmware and app update, and I was down for a few weeks when iOS 9 came out. This amp definitely isn't plug and play but then again what is these days? I've been frustrated with the amp myself at times, sorry you couldn't get it worked out because for the money it's an inexpensive practice tool.
  10. I have to add to anyone reading this thread, it's worth the few dollars to get the USB cable and update via PC. It's so fast and I had no problems. Just needed some time for the USB to install from the Microsoft Drivers but I think that was an issue specific to my computer. I waited for that to complete (took a while) but after that the update went smoothly and the next time I updated it I had no problems, it was done 1,2,3, following the instructions provided.
  11. I maintain that when you factor in the very affordable price tag compared to getting tons of gear, it's a good deal, and with the latest updates to the firmware, app and getting the USB cable to update from the PC, it's been working great. If you're a serious musician then you need to pony up some bucks for professional equipment, just the way it is.
  12. I checked the effects list and I thought the Helix was a bit light on modeled compressors, thoughts?
  13. Without repeating everything I said in my previous post, the bottom line for me is this device is just for having fun and practicing. If you want to get serious about playing with your band then you need to invest more in your gear. Playing music is expensive, doesn't matter what instrument you play it costs $$$$$. Look into the costs associated with playing other instruments. Look at the cost of getting all the gear the Amplifi is modeling and compare that to what the Amplifi costs. If you had a Helix and a SoundSource speaker @ $2500 then I'd say you'd have a legitimate complaint but to expect a $500 device to do it all, just isn't happening, I don't care how it's marketed or what it says on the box. There's no way around it, with this or anything else, quality costs money and that's just the way it is. You get what you pay for. I'm not trying to lecture you, I'm just trying give you some perspective so hopefully you can feel better about the situation. Take myself for example, I'm not satisfied with the Amplifi so I started shopping and realized I need $2500 - $5000 worth of gear to do what I want to do. The Amplifi @ $500 doesn't look so bad to me anymore. lol Like I said, use it for a practice tool when you upgrade your gear later on, put the wear and tear and drop your beer on the Amplifi and save the good gear for when it counts.
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