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  1. Thanks for all the feedback guys!! What is the difference between the L2t and the L3t. I'm not looking to add the rest of the band through the Stagesource, its just me using it as a backline. I guess what I am asking is tone wise. Will there be any tonal differences between the two. Will the L3t be more punchy kinda like what JLondon said about the L2t being like a 1x12 cab and the L3t being a 4x12 cab. I know the L2t will be plenty loud enough but the L3t will give me room for larger places for the future! Thanks all!
  2. I am currently using this with my JVM but I am thinking about getting the Stagesource L3m for home practice, band practice and playing out live. Is anyone currently using one or even the L2m? We play mostly rock and classic rock and I want to make sure that this going to be a good choice! Can anyone share some info on their experience?
  3. This is a must!!! You will also want to make sure you bring down your return dB level. If not you will be going into your effect loop too hot and this will cause unwanted clipping which will make it sound harsh. I have mine on -6.5dB.
  4. When you sent your patch up, after you add your effect loop block, set your return to 100% and you have to bring down your bd level to unite gain if not you will be going into your effect loop to hot. I have mine set to -6.8db at 100%
  5. When you sent your patch up, after you add your effect loop block, set your return to 100% and you have to bring down your bd level to unite gain if not you will be going into your effect loop to hot. I have mine set to -6.8db at 100%
  6. The -3db is where the unity gain ended up on my loop level. Your amp may be different. Just set yours to your volume lvl without the loop on. What I also do for solo boosting is add the Timmy and change the return lvl to -2db with switch on and then back to -3db when switch is off. This gives me more dirt with a bit of clean volume. Works perfect for clean boost too.
  7. I am using the 4cm with my JVM without any tone suck. I am using the parallel/serial loops with the mix @ 100%. Not sure if your amp will behave differently though. Check your global setting. This is my set up. Guitar in pad. Off Guitar impedance. 1m oh 1/4" outputs. Line. send/return instrument. This is the loop my 4cm is connected. This is important. (Amp in is not line level) Volume knob controls 1/4. Knob all the way up. Now on the patch loop1 send/return. Loop return -3db. Mix 100% See if that helps.
  8. Before the helix I was using MI effects boost N buff v3. Probably my most favorite pedal!! I added it to the loop and a/b that and the Top Secret OD. They both were very close in comparison with the boost and voicing. Not sure if you are after a clean boost but this is working for me.
  9. It's all good guys!!! I know where the topic was going. Back in the day when there weren't that many choices and the good ol' boys had to make do with what they had playing live. Ok. So my first initial opinion was probably too soon. Now having more time with it, I was able to work some things out to make it work. Hopefully they will still address the switch canceling ability in an update. Other then this issues, the amp switching and effect quality is outstanding!!! Now I want to get a FRFR monitor to be able to use the amp models.
  10. Man, was this thread high jacked!!!
  11. im not using this as a modeler! This is just being used an effects board with midi amp switching. If they could implement the ability to assign switch canceling in stomp mode that cancels the assigned effect to a certain switch from another switch, would solve my problem completely. I don't think that would use to much DSP. Until then I will stick with the g system for now which is a shame becuase the effects on here are second to known really.
  12. Phil, Yes! MIDI is how I'm changing the channels. I am hoping they address this on another update but for now, it's not for me!!! I was very hopeful because this thing is outstanding with the effects quality and easy to set up but without the spillover or having the ability to cancel one switch from another in stomp mode makes it useless for me!! Phil, I do appreciate your input! That's why I posted this in hopes of the great minds would have found a solution!!! But, by design so far, it's not possible!!
  13. Yes, the JVM does have a small gap but nothing like the Helix. If the helix had a spillover we would be golden but that is not the case. The G System patch change is instant or seams to be instant with spillover. As for a multiple paths, that would work if I were staying in the same amp channel but the switch will only send one midi command to my JVM. It will not send one command on dim and another command on lit. I've tried to get the JVM to respond but doesn't pick it up. Do you know a way to get the JVM to respond to midi send on dim and on lit? If they could add the choice for switch canceling in stomp mode that would work perfect! I am sure they could add that function in the next update????
  14. Great idea, great effects but missed the mark for playing live! Long lag between patches or lack of spillover is a huge issue. This would not be a huge issue if you could assign switch canceling in stomp mode to deactivate one switch by pressing another. I wanted to use this for the effects and amp switching for my JVM. There are several instances where I need to go to a clean channel with chorus and delay and then back to a overdrive channel without chorus and delay. As of now, there only two ways of doing it. Presets with long lag or tap dancing two buttons in stomp mode. The G System nails this but it lacks the effect quality. Are there any plans to do something about these issues because I know I'm not the only one dealing with them? For $1500 this should be able to cover all possibilities!!
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