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  1. When you run your 11R or POD HD thur the aux in, what kind of volume level (the external device in this case) are you driving into the Amplifi? ie: more than 50% level in order to achieve a decent loudness and etc... and what kind of level you need to drive in Amplifi (beyond 12 o'clock etc?)
  2. Hi Christian, Understand in your video you have actually connected your Macbook Pro thur the aux in of the Amplifi.. Care to share what kind of volume level (high or low) you need to set from the Mac in order to achieve a balance tone with your guitar? I suppose in this setup , you will have to adjust the Macbook volume (for backing track) and Ipad volume (for guitar level) to balance the mix as the the large volume knob is to control the overall output level...
  3. I am looking at similar approach (mixer into aux in concept) to your set up but I do understand from some user stating that there is a degrading in sound quality if connected thur Aux in... Music play back for instance via BT and Aux in connection does not produce the same quality?? need more users to verify this
  4. youthpatrol

    Aux In

    Hi there, Anyone has tried pluggin an audio device like mp3 player or another guitar effects into amplify via the "aux in"? It seems like there is a noticeable sounds difference (ie like a blanket over the sound) compared to music playback via bluetooth connection... anyone has similar experience?
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