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  1. I haven't even researched this yet, just wondering....the idea popped into my head after just ordering a DT25 head about 10 minutes ago. When I upgrade (firmware?) to new models (i.e. 5150, etc) with there also be firmware updates do the DT series amps for compatibility - proper tube selection and internal modelling of the DT?
  2. Update: Just snagged a DT25 head from Sweetwater's Deal Zone that was a demo. his should be interesting. Via L6link I will go POD--->DT25--->L2T#1--->L2T#2, right? And power them on in that same order I guess. Oh, crap. I need another cable....
  3. That's what I've read (from manuals and forum posts early last year) and understand too. If output modes could be saved in the patch settings like speaker modes can be....And if both could be selected from within HD Edit....
  4. I currently have the HD500X and two L2T's, connected via L6Link. I've got the L2Ts in each corner in the front of my living room, they have replaced my speaker stands for the 7.1 front L and R speakers. Looks great and it no one knows any better either by their appearance! And takes 0 space, no amps, no cabs. I can't imagine the possibilities of two DT25s and two L2Ts. Lots and lots of options and configuration [headaches?]. Nonetheless, and blast to fiddle with for hours. I'm sorry, I would be more detailed, but I've had to walk away from the guitar gear for a while....I've found that playing increases my alcohol consumption greatly. NAMM - is in in Anaheim again? There's a web cam on the front of the convention center you can watch the galley-way between the two hotels...I was there a couple years ago for a different conference. - Tony
  5. tgastel


    Hello, Anyone using a ROCKI with an Amplifi 75 or 150? Running AUX IN obviously, just using as the awesome speaker it is. I have two Amplifi's, would like to stream music throughout the house. Bluetooth limited to one streaming device at a time and Sonos is too expensive. Thanks! - Tony
  6. Isn't this the mode one wants when using the L2's in Electric Guitar mode? I just got one, but haven't spent much time with it...
  7. Check this thread out:
  8. I'm using Studio/Direct output mode and full amp models on the POD, going 1/4" line out into the AUX IN of the do you have it setup?
  9. Yep! I did get a 2nd, so I have two which is great for dual amp / dual tones. I have them sitting on the floor too, which works well since the mids and tweets are aimed upwards and I can feel the bass in the carpet from the two 12" speakers. And it looks good in the living room. The Amplifis are quite the conversation piece! I've tried numerous times to like the Amplifi and use as intended (marketed) but I just can't handle the interface, iPad and Bluetooth stuff. Maybe I have too much other Bluetooth, Wifi, 5 handsets on my land line, etc. going on in the house. Plus I seem to be touch screen challenged -- sensitivity and accuracy. And the app drives me nuts, I feel like I'm always poking at the screen way to much to get to or do what I want. It probably doesn't help I'm an I.T. guy and am used to rock solid Unix/Linux servers and managing them from a command line. I also get frustrated with the limitation of Bluetooth in general. If I had it to do all over again, two L2t Stage Srouces (HD500x to those via L6Link) and the Amplifi FX100 pedal board version plugged in L/R into the mixer of the L2t's. Or perhaps the Fx100 (headphone out?) into the MP3 in on the HD500x? Yes, that would awesome. If money was no object, they'd be two DT25's in the chain also. To answer your question more directly - yes I'm digging it, no issues and would recommend. Using the Amplifis as full range speakers to the HD500x sound great. The other alternative see a lot of is using studio monitors, which most are near field and have a sweet spot to get the best sound. I want my whole living room to sound sweet and be able to wander around the room with my guitar and have great sound anywhere. I'll post a couple of pics one these days in the Lounge forum.
  10. I'm using Studio/Direct on the POD (switch set to LINE) and running 1/4" out to the 1/8" AUX on the Amplifi. Sounds great to me. I haven't tried what you're doing yet, although I want to. I would think Combo Front output mode on the POD and on the Amplifi start with everything at 50%.
  11. The JTV-89F is the best feeling and playing guitar I've ever had in my hands, it just fits me. Regardless of the fact it's a Variax. Only thing I'd change is the string gauge and the Schaller strap buttons I just put on it last night.
  12. The way I started out was Studio/Direct output mode on the POD (1/4" outs, switch set to AMP) into a clean channel on the physical amp with everything set to 12 O'clock (50%). Basically, treat your amp as neutral amplified speaker or think of it as a small PA system. Select one amp model on the POD (I started with a Treadplate, not with PRE in the name) and play around from there.
  13. Monoprice has great quality products and incredible prices. I frequent the Pro Audio section of their site. I almost pulled the trigger on their studio monitors a couple times. Networked the whole house with their stuff too.
  14. Stumblinman, Where / How are you using the Soul Food? Before POD or in FX Loop? I just got one and haven't had a change to fiddle with it or have I ever played with the FX Loop on the POD... Oh, and if your using FX Loop, I am assuming place before amp block? Thanks! - Tony
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