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  1. I have to disagree with this - in certain rooms and with certain bands and with certain PA systems I would agree but not always. I run dual amps and stereo effects all the time and it sounds massive through our DnB system Matt
  2. I need to have a play around soon
  3. Yeah thats the problem I want to lighten the load of my pedal board by attempting to run just the POD. It would be great to get a couple of more modern boutique over drives modelled. Surely the Klon is worth modelling?
  4. Does anyone else find the overdrive pedals in the POD colour the tone way to much? I dial in a nice clean/breaking up tone and add one of the drives and its all fizzy and EQ'd all wrong. I have tried everything the best I find is the screamer but thats still not great... Any help?
  5. ...and is it stereo> will it work with dual amps?
  6. How will it work with dual amps? Apply the same eq to both paths or one for each path? Thanks Matt
  7. A good sound guy will mix for the crowd not himself in his mixing position. Our guys move around and compensate both in sound check and during the gig.
  8. Thats what I'm thinking of doing - if i can find a jtv for the right price
  9. I have found that my patches created in headphones sound ace through our church PA when I put a tube screamer in front of the POD. I only use one patch so tweaking it per venue is fine for me. Im starting a cover band though that will require me to have several different patches ready to go (from metal to bluesy stuff at the press of a button) and I won't have time to check them all. Would an EQ pedal help in this situation or should i get it right through our pa in the rehearsal room and hope it translates well to different venues? any tips? Matt
  10. That's a genius work around Rewold but its a shame you have to use a DI and don't get the beneift of the clean VDI signal.
  11. I use a line6 M5 in the loop already and works fine apart from having to drop the send level of the effects loop as it clips the M5. I just wonder if there will be issues with drive pedals Matt
  12. Iwant to know peoples experiences using pod hd with variax via digital cable and putting external drive pedals in the effect loop. Im thinking my signal chain would go something like this... Variax > POD in > Wah > Effects loop send > JHS Morning Glory > Tube Screamer > Effect loop return > Amp Model > Delay > Pod Output Would it work well ? anyone doing it? I don't like the internal drives in the POD but want the versatility on the JTV connected via VDI.
  13. I like to use my ears to EQ things, not just guitar. It doesn't matter what the frequency is. Find and cut it.
  14. Use the expression pedal as a volume pedal and control it more precisely?
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