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    Vetta HD Won't connect through Mio Midi Cable.

    I finally managed to run it in a virtual machine! Using newest version of VirtualBox (Version 5.1.4 r110228 as of this writing), with Windows XP Professional SP3 as guest. The biggest hurdle was to get the guest OS to recognise the Uno. The host would show it as 'captured' but the guest didn't see it at all. As I have an AMD processor, it turned out that the AMD USB filters cause a conflict with the way VirtualBox handles USB, so I had to uninstall them by following this post on the VirtualBox forums. More information about the issue and step-by-step instructions to remedy in this post. I can post detailed instructions if there is interest. Edit: got around to try this in VirtualBox in a Windows 7 x86 (32-bit) guest OS.. of course it works.
  2. archieporter27

    Vetta HD Won't connect through Mio Midi Cable.

    I may be able to help with this, I'm just after getting it working. 1) You need a 32-bit operating system, I couldn't get either Monkey or Edit work on 64-bit. My main PC is Windows 7 x64 and it's a no go, so I got an old PC off someone with Windows XP on it. Did not experiment with 32-bit Windows 7 or any other OS. 2) The M-Audio Uno driver version to use is 6.1.2, the latest available from the M-Audio website: select MIDI Interfaces > MIDISPORT Uno USB > Windows XP SP3. The file downloads as Install_M-Audio_MIDISPORT_6_1_2.zip, extract the executable out of it and run it. Do not plug the Uno into the PC until the installation finished! Also make sure you plug the Uno into the back of the PC, the front face USB connectors may be unreliable under XP. You know you got it right when you go to Device Manager in XP (System > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager) and you see the Uno under 'Sound, video and game controllers' as M-Audio MIDISPORT Uno. If it's listed as 'USB audio device' or something like that, then the driver installation is wrong. 3) I updated my Vetta HD from v2.03 to v2.50 using Monkey version 1.31 and the HD is recognised by Monkey straight away. Vetta firmware v2.50 courtesy of sliding_billy (thanks again man!), also available from me now. :) 4) For Edit 3.0.6 I'm using Java version Uninstall every other Java version from the XP computer. My XP PC is not connected to the internet so I downloaded it on the main PC from this page on FileHippo. and transferred to the XP rig on a USB stick. (Warning, the download page autoplays a loud video.) The file saves as jre-6u30-windows-i586.exe. Install this before running the Edit installer. 5) When running the Edit 3.0.6 installer, at the part where you pick out the components to install, leave the 'Java 1.6' unselected, you already have it. :) 6) When Edit first starts up, select the 'using MIDI cables' option at the initial setup, the little window that pops up (similar to the Monkey one) should have your Uno auto selected for the IN and OUT fields, just change the bottom dropdown list to what you have (listed as Vetta II HD or Combo). Edit will load the tones from the amp for about 45 seconds, then it's ready to use. Hope this helps someone. My only issue now is that I cannot for the life of me get this whole thing working in a virtual machine, and I don't have the room to keep a full size PC around just for messing with the Vetta every now and then. If/when I figure out the virtual machine solution I'll be sure to post it.