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  1. After I made this post I remembered all the control I have by setting the knobs to control the amp gains, effects, etc and then locking them to prevent local control. I'm curious though, how do you set the pots to 500k?
  2. One main reason I would upgrade to the Helix from my HD500X is how it responds to rolling off the volume with the guitar volume knob when connected through the VDI. The response is terrible and unusable with the HD500X. Can anyone tell me if this function has been addressed on the Helix to respond as if it were plugged into the standard analog quarter inch?
  3. Psarkissian, I totally understand what you are saying about the climate change but I myself have been playing for 40 years, own multiple guitars and have never had any issues whatsoever like I had with purchasing my JTV's and this includes online purchasing. I also did not have the convenience of playing multiple JTV's and choosing one like I normally do because there is not one dealer here in ct. that stocks JTV's. I also don't have the convenience of having a guitar tech as I have to be that myself as well and last I knew I am not an authorized line 6 repair facility so I would have to pay for parts on a brand new instrument if I decided to keep it. With that said, I did want to keep my first ones but you know what my local authorized repair guy said? "It takes forever for me to get the parts and honestly it takes forever for line 6 to reimburse me for the parts and labor". If you would like his name and number I will provide that to you. So, I was left with no choice but to keep swapping them out. It wasn't until my third when I gave up on zzounds because I discovered they don't go through them before shipping them out. That's when I went with sweet water even though my first with them had an issue. On the second I actually talked to the guitar tech and went over with him what to look for before shipping the next one out. That one was perfect but now 8 months later I have something weird going on where I may have to have it looked at. I'm not sure yet as I am still troubleshooting. I hope what you are not getting at with your response above is that basically us millions of part time professional musicians are basically screwed when ordering these guitars online.
  4. FYI, When I bought my JTV 89f I sent back 2 from Zzounds and 1 from Sweetwater before I finally got one that was just about perfect. All were peizo issues like you describe. I talked to line 6 support and they just said to swap them out. My local line 6 warrantee repair said it would be 3-4 weeks due to it taking a while to receive the parts and it sounded like he didn't even want to deal with it. Anyway I wasn't to keen on having a brand new guitar needing repair. I also have a Jtv 59 that was also my second from Zzounds but the thing is once you get one that works the way it is supposed to they are awesome! It just made me wonder what they are doing at the factory and why these go out like that.
  5. Here's something else that is strange. Since I had connectivity again the first thing I did was re-flash the firmware. The version that Monkey said was installed was 2.21 but the latest is only 2.10. I knew this and assumed that was the latest version but it is not. Where this version came from is a mystery so I'm hoping that now that I reflashed to 2.1 that corrected my issue.
  6. When I first plugged in the 89f to the 500x this morning and got nothing the first thing I did was plug in the 59 and still got nothing. I re flashed the 500 x, still nothing, rolled back, nothing, reflashed back to the latest firmware and still nothing. I also check my input setting and tried another Variax cable. So I thought it was my 500x until I put the battery from my charger into the 89f, took out the variax cable and inserted a quarter inch cable. I then pressed the modeling knob and it did not light up. That's when I figured it had to be the guitar. So, I again plugged in the 59 into the 500x with the variax cable and it worked. Weird. After playing my JTV59 through the Hd500x for a while I put a newly charged battery in it the JTV89F even though the other one I put in it was fully charged. It mysteriously worked so I took the battery back out and plugged it into the Hd500x with the Variax cable and that also worked. I'm baffled. I don't like knowing what the issue is but if this happens at a gig I'm screwed.
  7. I am getting absolutely nothing from my JTV89F. I've had it only 8 months. Originally I though it may have been my HD500X but I also have a JTV 59 and it works fine. This was intermittent before and there were a couple of times that I would plug in and get nothing and then all of a sudden I get sound and power. Now, I left the battery in this guitar a couple of times when I had it plugged into my HD500x with the Variax cable but I can't imagine that would cause this issue. Even with a fully charged battery I get nothing by removing the Variax cable and plugging in a quarter inch. I get no power when pressing in the modeling button. Any suggestions? The computer will not recognize the guitar either. It seems to be just dead.
  8. scratch this thread it turns out that it is my jtv89f. i tried putting a charged battery in and got nothing at all even through the magnetics
  9. I just realized that I had the battery in the guitar. Could that have somehow screwed something up in the HD 500x?
  10. WTF! I did not use the word lollipop
  11. Well, the wires seem to be nice and straight. I'd hate to have to send this for warantee work because I heard the return time sucks. What does one do when they rely on this lollipop?
  12. Thanks for the fast reply. I will take a look now.
  13. My HD 500x is not rocognizing both my JTV 59 and 89F. There have been times at gigs when I plugged in and it would not recognize it right away but then kick in and scaring a few people because my volume was up. Now, I cannot get it to recognize either guitar at all. I also tried 2 digital cables so this eliminates the problem being either the guitar or cable. I also tried re-flashing the memory with no success. All of this equipment is about 8 months old. Anyone have any other suggestions. I am not happy at all because I am at a standstill and have gigs coming up. Thank god I don't have one this weekend.
  14. By "Bad" I mean "Bad" like you can hardly hear the string and also some weird sonic stuff going on. If I adjusted all of the other string to compensate I would have almost no volume whatsoever. I also checked the connections inside and there were no issues there. Believe me I covered all the bases including talking to tech support before sending these back.
  15. This is my second JTV 89F from ZZounds. The first one had 2 bad Piezo's on the low E and A so i sent it back for a replacement. Now on this one, the Peizo's are all even but it cuts out completely when in the middle of a dive bomb with the Floyd Rose. I can see that the strings are lifting off the Piezo's but the first did not have this issue. Anyone else experience this? This is going back and I'm going to have to get a refund this time and go through Sweetwater so I can have someone go through the guitar before it is sent out. I love the thing so I will be patient until I get a good one but WTF!!! I also bought a JTV 59 last month and had to return the first due to a bad low E Piezo. What is going on here at Line 6? Why are these going out like this? Paul
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