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  1. Thank you! I'm pretty obsolete about LEDs :-D. The new color was intended to differentiate this mode to main volume and mixing level usages of the knob, but it is not needed to have a different color, but a way to distinguish the new mode. It should be good enough for my proposal showing the "pages" in a red-white pattern. Doing it so, each quarter of the clock (6 LEDs) would have a first half in white (3 LEDs) and a second one in red (3 LEDs). It could be even easier to locate the desired bank (it was in the third quarter, in the white page, in the middle, that is bank, 14). By the way, I made a mistake in the original proposal: "bank 14 = 2nd bank of the 4th page" should say "bank 14 = 2nd bank of the 5th page".
  2. There are 24 segments in the volume knob, quite close to the 25 banks. I won't miss the number 25 if I get a better way to select the other 24. They are white LEDs, so they can perform any color (RGB). It would be easy as hell to access "bank selection mode" by double clicking the knob. It would show the selected bank by blinking the ordered LED from a starting position (let's say 12 o'clock). In order to avoid getting lost, 24 segments would be parted away in 8 "pages", 3 LEDs each, so all the LEDs non related to the active page (3x7=21) would be ON (in the "bank selection color"), the 3 LEDs of the "page" would be OFF (black) but the LED of the selected bank, which should be blinking (in the "bank selection color"). This allows to get a "page" reference to easily find out your desired bank (bank 14 = 2nd bank of the 4th page = middle LED blinking out of the three in the page which is down past "six in the clock"). Clicking the knob exits the "bank selection mode". Using the FBV would be done by clicking the two lower buttons (A + B ) to enter "bank selection mode" showing the "page" in the number display (1 to 8) and the component of the page (first, second third) using the tuning LEDs (extreme left, center, extreme right). You should change pages clicking A button to go to the next one, and cycle in the three components (1, 2, 3, 1, 2...) clicking in the B button. If you want to move faster, you can control it through the volume/wah pedal (1 to 24). Changes should be replicated in the Amplifi's knob as well. Clicking the two lower buttons (A + B ) exits the "bank selection mode". I'm waiting a moderator to approve my request to enter in ideascale to vote the ice9mike proposed feature, adding to it my User Interface detail definition as my 2 cents.
  3. Data connectivity is often lost, It doesn't last more than a couple of minutes (reconnecting again using al the advices mentioned in the FAQ) but, more interesting is that bluetooth connectivity is not lost at all. If you dig into settings and activate "Show Advanced Routing" it yields Audio Playback is still running through AirPlay (BlueTooth doing well) but Tone Editing is not working. Both of them should be transmitting through BlueTooth or none. Therefore, besides of connectivity issues, there's kind of a bug in the Remote App or in the Amplifi firmware. Please, review the robustness of the Tone Editing data link. There's another annoying thing about the BlueTooth issues FAQ: 2.5 and 5 Ghz WiFi disturbs BT, but this is unacceptable due to external conditions. How about neighbours who have a modern router on this frequencies? Or if you are going to play on a local who is using this kind of WiFi for internal activities? Or if you are performing a gig and hundreds of attendants are wearing smartphones configured to transmit in those frequencies? Should I ask them all to shut the smartphones off or what? In a technical point of view, BlueTooth is not related to 2.5 and 5 Ghz frequencies, unless there's a bad antenna design behind it. Just to complete the information and in order to avoid wasting your time, yes, I did it all the "magical" solutions the FAQ is proposing, My iPad and Android devices are physically touching my Amplifi 75, who is completely up-to-dated.
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