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  1. Yep, not worrying about clipping is nice cuz it’s a huge issue on fractal with all the IR/amp combinations. Just keepin it simple, havin fun.
  2. To ease your concern see the reply from “phil_m” in this old post about this subject: Hey! I just realised you are that young whippersnapper that told us you were scared of high tech and updates! Now you’re proclaiming you have been a Fractal AX8 user for years. Right! Kinnel.
  3. Question please: I've been using a Fractal AX8 for about 3 years but have gone back to my HX Effects. Fractal requires FAR too much tweaking, got frustrated and am now enjoying my HX again. Great tones/presets with alot less stress. My question is, on my Fractal, the floorboard had a red clipping meter which was very helpful. Obviously when clipping occurred, some changes needed to be made to reduce or stop clipping. Does my HX Effects have a clipping or overload warning if my preset not where it should be? If so, how do I find it? Appreciate your input.
  4. Jim if you don't mind, I may be contacting you for some help down the road. For now, since I'm pretty happy with the presets I've created, I'll probably sit tight, especially after talking to the Line6 rep. I know I'm missing a few things but doesn't sound like anything extremely drastic or urgent. Thanks guys for all your input. Have a nice weekend.
  5. Called tech support at Line 6 yesterday and got a really nice/helpful guy. He confirmed what you guys said, that Windows users have about the same amount of problems as Mac users. He also said that even though I'm on 2.7, not to worry, not missin much. He talked about a few pedal additions but he's talked to many users that stay down in the 1's or low 2 versions because like me, they aren't tech guys and fear losing what's stored so they stay as is. He said 2.7 is fine. I've got about 10 or so presets that I've worked hard on and they cover about everything I need and I do back them up regularly. I think I'll just roll with 2.7 and my 2013 Mac (that's on Catalina) until one of them two blows up. I also talked to him about the tuner. Never have liked the tuner on my HX. When playing at home/quiet it's all good. If I'm gigging or playing with a band and there is alot of noise, the needle flops around like a fish on dry land on a few strings. He told me to set on 440 in "coarse" mode which I did last nite and no better than the strobe. Assuming 440 correct setting. May go to a Snark, just wish HX tuner was more reliable and would settle down quicker, especially when I change tunings.
  6. I’m a 60 year old, non-tecky, intermediate player and just wanna play my freakin guitar. Love the 8-10 presets I’ve made. I think I’ll stick with them til my HX or Mac implodes, then go back to pedals if I can still play by then. Modeling is the future for sure. Will do the best I can. Thanks for all the input. Cheers!
  7. One more question please. I can buy a desktop with Windows 10 pretty cheap. If I went that desktop/windows route vs Mac/Apple couldn't I avoid these hassles every time there is an update with either Helix or Apple?
  8. Ok. Will give it a go. thank you.
  9. At the very least is right. These updates freak me out because you often have to do it several times, the one guys talked about having to clean/wipe his system, etc.. I'll backup but can you imagine losing your most valuable info on your computer. I've of course done it before but it's just scary. Need to switch over to Windows, probably easier. Anyway, I'll give it a go. Thanks so much.
  10. I have a 2013 Mac Laptop Air that I really like and it's running great. I can't afford to buy a new one. I love my HX Effects but can't get past update version 2.7 so know I'm missing out on some cool stuff and bug fixes but the operating system on Mac won't support with Helix. I know 3.0 will be out soon if not already. Help/suggestions as to how to update my Mac with these firmware updates without having to buy a new computer? Thank you.
  11. macleir

    HX Effects amp

    That's the problem, my amp needs to become a boat anchor. They always talk about amps that take pedals better than others like several of Fenders. I guess I'd be looking for a cleaner sound with dirt and tones coming from my HX. Good news is sounds like the HX Effects takes tube amps well. Play primarily at home but gig out about 6 times per year. Never really got into the FRFR sound. I appreciate it.
  12. macleir

    HX Effects amp

    I'm still new to this modeling world and have an amp question so bear with me. I'm sure it's buried in all of this info somewhere but help with a simple question/suggestion please. My question is, will this HX Effects sound best thru pretty much any tube amp? I'm used to playing tube vs ss. My current amp is a 20 watt tube which is perfect wattage for home practice and playing out occasionally. Has the option to dial back the wattage at home which is awesome, but it's not a great amp, time for new one. I won't be using 4 cable method, just straight into amp. Suggestions appreciated. thx
  13. On a different topic, I saw where a Forum member asked for Skype/Zoom help with his helix and you offered to help him for a fee of course. I'm in the same boat. I have an HX Effects and am struggling a bit so help would be appreciated. I think an hour or maybe 2 hours will do it. How much do you charge per hour? Can you send me your contact info to bmacjr75@gmail.com Thx much.
  14. My journey: had the bean years ago, then amp with floorbaord, then HX effects and have landed with my Fractal AX8. I'm age 60, in a band but we only gig about 6 times per year, my tech skills are lacking and after a year, i'm ready to throw in the towel on the AX8. Sounds/presets are amazing but tweaking, investigating on forum, questions, etc too much. I'm done. Discovered on fractal all presets require choosing an IR which I don't need nor want to do. Want to go back to my HX or pod pro, my killer tube amp and let sound guy put a microphone or two in front of my amp and just freakin play. Half the gigs we play don't even have a sound guy so we play thru our own equipment. I just learned that miking an FRFR ruins tones because they have been recored miked with an IR. I don't want that. Have developed presets in the past with my HX effects with no IR's and they sound fine. All that to say, I only have 3 questions: 1) Are the presets/tones better in the pod go than the HX effects or vice versa, are presets better in HX effects? have the been updated or same as hx? 2) Given my limited tech skills, is the pod go easier to operate than hx effects or more complicated? i've watched videos and operation looks fairly similar. I say my tech skills are weak, however I'm probably more tech savy than i give myself credit for. Trust me, while all Fractal products are great, they are a beast to operate and require way too much time for me. I've navigated pretty well and created some pretty awesome presets, but I just don't wanna fight it anymore. I just wanna shut up and play as they say. I'm done. Goin back to my HX with my tube amp or will buy the pod go. 3) Are the presets straight out of the box that Helix designed and installed sufficient or do the majority need tweaking? Thanks for any and all suggestions, help, etc... I really appreciate it and look forward to coming back to Helix. thanks in advance.
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