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  1. My Variax 600 has that issue. But not my Variax Standard. And for me it's not the piezos, I swapped the piezos of the high E string and the G string, but nothing changed, B and high E strings are still way quieter compared to the rest, in all models. The difference is stronger with the Stratocaster and Telecaster models.
  2. I had the issue on a used Variax 600 a few years. I moved the neck a few millimeters upwards I still had to shorten the spring for the deep E string to be able to move it even further back into an acceptable position. Now, a few years later, I bought a new Variax Standard and just expected it to not have that issue. But it does. I thought something was a manufacturing issue, so I sent it back. But apparently the scale length is in spec and doesn't differ from other Variax Standard guitars. I'm not willing to heavily modify my new guitar just to be able to get the intonation right.
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