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  1. I received my Jtv 89f this week and took some time to prefit my fishman triple play pickup. It will fit between the bridge pickup and the bridge but will require me to cut off the back portion of the pickup frame which will leave at least one of the mounting holes open. I will also have to use the thinnest triple play pickup receiver to hold the pickup. It will be a snug fit but should work with no complications I will try to post a picture of it when I complete the installation.
  2. I have been following this discussion for a while as I was considering buying a Jtv 89f. I did order one which I picked up this week. Happy to report this guitar did not have the pling issue. It has a 2015 serial number. This is my second Variax, the previous one was a 700 electric. I wanted to report I notice these piezo pickups are very sensitive in that I pickup more sound as my fingers move along the strings. This does not cause much of a problem but I did notice it soon after working with this guitar. My old 700 piezos were not as hot. I don't see this as a negative but there is a difference. Overall the quality and fit and finish have been excellent on my guitar. Very happy so far. Just wanted to post my experience with the difference in the piezos.
  3. Thanks for your information. The ftp is similar in width not sure how close. Starting to worry that the pickup may have to be moved up slightly. Could be some extra work but seems worthwhile.
  4. I have a JTV 89F on order but have not received it yet, I am wondering if anyone has installed a Fishman Triple Play pick up on a JTV 89F. I see that there is very little clearance between the bridge and the bridge pickup. If you have been successful with the installation, any information you could share would be appreciated.
  5. I have read all the posts on this topic (quite a lot) and I was wondering if the guitars that are having this problem fall within a series of serial numbers since it seems not all the guitars have this issue.
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