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  1. I've asked a few different ways and keep getting similar answers so I imagine it's in the way I'm asking. So! Ultimately, here's my set up... I have a Mesa Boogie Triple Crown (TC-50) I use the 4CM with my Helix. I use the bank/progam to turn on/off channels 1,2 and 3 of my amp. What works: Assigning a specific 'program' number has various effects on each channel. In other words, program number 27 turns it to channel 2 with the FX loop on and reverb on the amp, etc. So switching channels is yes, effectively working. What is happening: When I select a channel, say channel 1... the LED ring stays on, the scribble strip ONLY stays on when you step on that particular pedal. However, switching channels say, to channel 2... the channel on the amp switches, however, the LED for channel 1 (a different switch obviously) still stays on. So... even tho yes, the channel is switched, the LED is still on. If you go to turn the LED off by stepping on it, yes... it switches channels. I thought I could live with this, but when stacking overdrives and using other effects... it gets very convoluted. What I need to happen: Like most footswitches that come with amps that have an LED for each channel... I would like the HELIX to respond in the same way. Channel 1 is on, Channel 1 LED ring is lit on HELIX. Switch to Channel 2, Channel 2 LED on HELIX is lit, Channel 1 LED on HELIX turns off. I'm not to concerned about the scribble strips... I just need some indication to show what channel i'm on. What i have tried: I feel like I have tried just about everything. However, I know I have to be missing something. I've tried putting in a 'fake' effect like an EQ and assign it to the same switch, but this does not fix the issue. Any insight on this would be SO greatly appreciated!
  2. Channel Switching via Midi is effectively being done through the Bank/Program side in the Command Center. However, I can not figure out exactly how to keep the LED ring illuminated, AND to turn it off when I change channels. It's switching but the led is acting like a momentary switch and not latching. Any idea as to how to resolve this issue? Assigning an effect like EQ doesn't resolve this issue because it acts like a pedal at that point. you have to physically turn it on and off.
  3. I will give that a shot then. Thank you!
  4. I did try that method, but what I'm hoping for is that when i change channels... the other channel turns off. Thank you for your input! <><
  5. Here's my set up, I have a Mesa Boogie Triple Crown, I'm using the Helix with the 4CM, I have it figured out that to switch the channels on the Triple Crown you go into Progam Mode, you choose a "program" that gives you random midi signals to switch the channels with various combinations. Example, program 17 switches to channel 2 and turns on the FX loop. Program 4 switches to channel 3, turns on the FX and the boost, etc. Here's the issue I'm running into. As for the channel switching, it's GREAT.. but, if I assign a switch to be "channel 1, channel 2" etc, The LED light around the switch does not turn on and off with the channels, like in the same fashion a footswitch pedal would work. If I was just using the three channels exclusively, that would be fine, but I have OD's that I implement through my set up and It's challenging to keep straight. I have yet to go the snap shot route, but based on what I've read, the snapshot feature doesn't play well with the program/bank midi mode. Any thoughts?
  6. I have a similar issue. I'm using the 4 cable method, and switching to channel 2 and especially 3... I have a lot of noise. would love to hear some input on this.
  7. Thank you! Would you mind sharing how you connected it?
  8. I recently purchased the Mesa Boogie Mark V 35. Is there any way to channel switch this amp using the HELIX? I would certainly appreciate any input on this.
  9. I'm going to toss this one out there, because you never know! I'm not thinking this is possible, but with all the Helix can do... I use the 4 cable method with my amp, and I'm wanting to use my JHS double barrel, but i'm 'hoping' (and praying) I can control both switches from the helix? Sure i could just use the pedal itself but because of my set up... it's in a very awkward set up using the morning glory side. would love to get some feedback from some more experienced users.
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