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  1. The problem has been solved. The power supply was an incorrect type, replaced the power supply all is good
  2. Hi Guys, I bought myself an introductory POD X3 Live. I have a Variax 300, and am connecting with the DVI cable, this is definitely working. I also mave a nice toy amp, a Roland Cube. I have no sound coming out at all. I have tried many combinations in the output screen, however I'm obviously missing something. Help me get sound please.
  3. Thank you Charlie, I have found one, or so I hope... it depends if it is still for sale. Do you know if the later POD live units will accept my Variax 300? In case my X3 Live deal falls through? I relly live the POD X3 standard that I own, it's a tonne of fun, I'm thinking the X3 Live will be even more fun.
  4. Hi Guys, Here begins a story of woe. I bought myself a black Variax 300, second had... wooo! I found out about Workbench... wooo wooo wooo! I searched the forums, and the internet about attaching this guitar to my PC... a little more wooo. I bought myself a proprietry cable... woo. I bought myself a POD X3 second hand... not woo at all, it's the wrong device. Okay,can you help me out. Which model POD do I need to buy to be able to connect my Variax 300 to my computer. Help :-(
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