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  1. I've tried to install Line6 monkey with wine It's working, good. Not problem to install it and run it but le Line 6 Spider IV is not recognized when I start Line 6 monkey in spite of a lsub shows the SPIDER IV connexion Do have any ideas ? Thx
  2. Hi I've got a spider IV 150W since 2015 I keep a PC under windows to run Line 6 monkey but only for this program So i asked if it's possible to run the monkey under Linux ? Have somebody already test that ? Cheers
  3. Hi Nice, I'm looking for the CRESS sound, nearly CRASS ;-) [ http://www.truemmerlandschaft.de/trashedy/cress/index.php ] Where can I download your file ? Do you think it'll work with a spider IV ? If not, can you give me the specific setting you used ? Cheers
  4. Hi I'm french I've got a spider IV, 2X75 W and a FBV Express MKII I'm looking for a specific guitar sound : this of the CRESS group (anarcho-punk / crust band) You can listen this sound here : http://www.truemmerlandschaft.de/trashedy/cress/index.php If a nice guy find it, can he share it ? I would be very nice Cheers, C.
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