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  1. This may sound retarded and all...but here goes: 1.) Tone Light ON while trying to enter update mode (left it alone, just let it be, it's really in update mode just couldn't tell by my lights) 2.) Clicked next on the most recent updater with the most recent firmware loading in ( failed a 1000 times prior no matter what I tried ) 3.) The INSTANT the screen started working I reached down and pressed (clicked and tried turning) the volume knob, then the TAP button and TONE and BLUETOOTH as well. While absolutely nothing on the AMP150 lit up or changed - all of a sudden the red bar started loading on my WIN1064bit screen and it finally updated and WHAMMO !!! All Good Now !!! Sounds ridiculous I know, but true story ... I was at it for hours before this ...2 putters...1 win tablet...3 usb cables...6 usb 2.0 ports...4 usb 3.0 ports (tried em anyways while I was praying LOL!!!) Seriously...if all else fails try this...it was almost like you couldn't see it but needed to press a button on the unit to accept the update like... Good Luck Guys Slayer
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