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  1. It makes perfect sense but it still goes to edit everytime I step on an effect. Good news is, I'm getting in the habit of saving the preset when I change to another preset or amp. I'll be ok. Thanks for your input. Peace.
  2. I kind of expected this answer. Oh, well. It's just that it's a pain to have to save my preset everytime I use a pedal switch. Thanks for your help.
  3. Yes. I am using the Floorboard. When I step on the distortion switch, or reverb, or EQ, etc. the display shows an E for edit on the floorboard and on the POD unit itself. Is this normal or how can I correct it? This is my only concern with the POD.
  4. I just bought a used POD Pro with Floorboard. Everytime I use the effect on/off switches the POD goes into edit mode. This does not seem right. The manual says nothing about this. Is this normal? If not can someone tell me how to correct this. I prefer not to have to save my preset everytime I use the floorboard.
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