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Found 13 results

  1. Hi i have the following Gear (1 POD XT PRO, 1 POD XT BASS PRO, 1 POD 2 PRO) i want to daisy chain them using their AES/EBU connectors to the AES/EBU input of my sound card (MOTU traveler).so i don't have any loss signal, and can guarantee a 100 % digital signal to my DAW, with no noise coloration of any POD but the one i m playing. For the cable connection, i start from the POD 2 AES/EBU as it only has output, no input, then go to the pod XT Bass, POD XT, and to the input of my sound card. All my gears are sync in 44,1 HZ, i got it right no problem here My issue is to bypass (no sound colorario, eq, volume...) of the pods which are after the one my instrument is plugged. For instance If i plug my guitar in the pod 2 Pro i put AES/EBU left as an input (with dry signal) on the POD XT PRO and put AES/EBU left on the POD XT BASS PRO but this last don't allow to select dry signal and it coloured (compressor work, volume...) the main sound (POD 2 PRO). Hope you get my point, and could help me in achieving the 100 % digital configuration i m after with no noise coloration from POD which are after the one i m playing. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi I bought a Pod Pro and i opened it up and there was 1,2v chip in it. I also have POD 2.0 with 2.3v chip inside, so it thought i will try to switch chips, and it didnt work, only two lights on the left and on the right where are theres holes like vents lighted up. And now when i put my originaal 1.2v chip back into POD Pro, same thing happes, only lights and the pod wont power up and the chip heats up really good. I there a chance that when 2.3v chip is applied, the pods brain goes grazy or something? no i need to reset te battery inside, or firmware? Thanks Raiko
  3. I've been using line 6 since the company started. I was an endorsee for quite awhile until recently but still use line 6 and I currently use the Helix as my main live rig. I'm waiting on the Helix Native plugin anxiously so I can use it to record my newest songs with. I started using line 6 to record all my albums with back when I had the pod pro rack mount unit, then later continued using the podfarm VST. Anyway, If you like shred Instrumental guitar, you can now download my latest album for free Since it's been downloaded on torrent sites over a million times, I figured I may as well give it away now anyway. If you like it, I'll be releasing a new album in a couple months. You can either stream it or if you want a physical copy just click on buy and leave the dollar amount at 0. If you wish to pay as little as a $1, that's totally up to you I originally got endorsed/endorsed Line 6 back when Tim Goodwin was the rep over 10 years ago, but I was one of the first to buy their combo amps when they first came out when nobody knew who they were. I was recently told that there is no longer an artist program, but I still continue to use Line6(and unofficially endorse them) even though I no longer get a discount or artist privileges. That's how much I believe in their products! I've been one of their longest supporters and I'll still tell everyone I know how great I think their products are. At least one of us is loyal!! I officially endorse ESP guitars, Peavey Amps, DiMarzio Pickups, Steinberg/Yamaha software, Cool Picks, M-Audio Studio gear, Eventide, Line 6, (unofficially ) Morley Pedals, and Overloud software.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to connect the old POD Pro to my PC via midi to USB cable. I can't find the specific drivers on Line 6 monkey and it won't detect it automatically. I tried the drivers for the POD 2.0, which seemed to having me getting somewhere. It said 'Turn off your pod, then hold the midi button and power on again', which I did. Then I got this message "Update failed (Code 8000900C) MIDI device timed out for a response make sure cables are connected and try the update again". My POD HDX works fine but I'm having no luck with this one. Any advice would be top banana, Cheers
  5. Hola, necesito ayuda. Tengo un Pod Pro y se empezó a encender el indicador de EDITED aunque no haya hecho ningún cambio al programa. Esto sucede en todos los bancos, le he puesto que salve y aún así sigue encendido. Incluso lo reinicié a sus valores de fábrica y sigue encendido. Alguién tiene una solución o ya es un problema mayor.? Gracias y saludos. Atte. Ricardo Soto
  6. POD PRO into the Line 6 spider iv 15, is that posible? If yes how i can get it?
  7. Hi, sorry I'm new to this. I've had a Pod Pro for a number of years (the red rack unit one) and I've got a number of custom tones on it. On Tuesday, I treated myself to a POD PRO HD X and it's the lollipop. I'm wondering if it's possible to transfer my old tones on to the tonelibrary and into my new pod? Explain like I'm a potato :D Thanks!
  8. I just bought a used POD Pro with Floorboard. Everytime I use the effect on/off switches the POD goes into edit mode. This does not seem right. The manual says nothing about this. Is this normal? If not can someone tell me how to correct this. I prefer not to have to save my preset everytime I use the floorboard.
  9. Hello all! I recently purchased an old original Pod Pro Rack on Craigslist. I bought it to record with and am having issues getting other tones loaded onto it. The other guitarist in my band uses a Pod XT Pro rack to record with and I am wondering if it's possible to get his tones onto my incredibly old rack? We had to read the respective manuals for our units and tried to send his tones to my rack via MIDI cable. We sent his patches but we couldn't tell if they made it to my rack or not. If it did work I have know idea how to access the tones he sent. It seems that just the stock presets from my unit are all there is. My screen said "9 D" at the time we sent the patches. Is that what the tones would be under? Am I doing anything wrong or are our two Pods incompatible due to their age difference? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, I've gotten hold of a good condition Pod Pro and an (apparently) near-new Floor Board. The Wah pedal comes on, but I get no sweep. Various forums talk about calibrating the pedal, but the support links no longer work and there's no mention of this in the Pilot's Guide. Can anyone help? Can I calibrate it without some kind of software? Also, talking of which, visiting this forum has shown me for the first time the existence of Line 6 Edit. Where can I get hold of this and will it let me edit things on the Pod Pro? Thanks for any help. Graeme.
  11. Hi guys, I am missing 2 knobs for the parameter adjustment pots under the screen. Wondering if any of the knobs in here will fit > I use my unit A LOT for studio and live, so I'm not opposed to having a bunch for backups if they only come in packs. Thanks in advance! Scott
  12. Line6Tony

    POD Pro FAQs

    Q: Is it possible to "crossgrade" my POD Pro to a Bass POD Pro? A: Unfortunately, there is no upgrade path between the Pod and Bass Pod. Q: What steps are taken to connect a mixer when re-amping through POD Pro? A: From your mixer connect the channel direct output to POD Pro line input, and from POD Pro balanced or unbalanced outputs back to mixer channel input. This setup is if your guitar track is already recorded. To record a dry track through the POD Pro and re-amp later(the advantage in doing so is that you can chage your guitar sound while mixing, as you have not committed the effected guitar signal to tape). Connect your guitar to guitar Input, connect the Unprocessed guitar output to one channel on the mixer and balanced or unbalanced outputs to another channel, record the unprocessed signal and monitor the processed signal. Q: How do I hook up two amps in stereo to my Pod Pro and then how do I use stomp boxes with that setup? A: Connect the left output of the Pod Pro to the input of one amp and the right output of the Pod Pro to another amp. It would be best if you could connect your Pod Pro to the amps using the effects loop of the amp if you have one since it will bypass the pre amp of your amplifier. Q: What is the AES/EBU and S/PDIF? A: The AES/EBU and S/PDIF are Digital outputs. These Outputs are used for any digital connections to a digital mixer, high end digital recording system, or Pro Tools system. The advantage of the digital outputs is that there is no real signal loss or change in tone when you use them. When using S/PDIF it is important that all devices and software programs are indicating the same sample rate. Make sure that your DAW (recording program) is set to 44.1K if that is what the Pod Pro is set to. You may need to launch the control panel for your S/PDIF soundcard,to adjust the sample rate settings to match the POD. A good shielded RCA/RCA coaxial is recommended for Digital use. Q: Can I control the Digital Gain in Line 6 Edit or Gearbox? A: There is no digital gain control in either Line 6 Edit or Gearbox. Q: Can I use POD Pro's speaker simulation with my old tube preamp? Is the signal from FX Return processed by the speaker simulation? A: All amp models, FX and cabinet emulation is before the FX loop in the POD Pro. The FX return goes right to the outputs so the POD's speaker emulator will not process any signal coming into the FX return. However, it is possible to plug an external preamp into the line level input of the POD Pro and set the POD's preamp to a clean, transparent setting so as to acheive a similar effect of just going through the cabinet emulation. Many players have been very happy using the POD Pro in this manner. You can also use the guitar input of the POD or POD Pro for this purpose but you must keep the output level of your external preamp on the low side so as not to overdrive the Pod's guitar input. Q: Did you create a pitch shift or harmonizer effect for thePOD PRO? If so, can I download it from your web site? A: No. There is no harmonizing/pitch shifter patch to download into the Pod Pro. Q: What amps, cabs and effects are included in the POD/POD Pro? A: Please review the cab models.pdf file for reference. cab models.pdf Q: How do I check the Firmware/EPROM version of my POD Pro? A: To find the current version of software installed in your POD, press and hold the MANUAL button while turning on the POD. The display will first read "POD" and then the software version will follow. The final version EPROM upgrade for POD Pro was 1.3, and is no longer available from Line 6. To install the POD EPROM, take the four screws out of the back of the pod to expose the main PC board, it would be the largest chip on the board. Remove the chip with a flat screwdriver and replace with the new one. There is a notch on the socket on the PC board, line up the notch on the chip with the notch on the socket.
  13. This is happening because your Pod Pro is looking for external word clock. You may have inadvertently knocked the sync switch to 'External'. Change the digital sync switch on the upper right of the front panel to 44.1 or 48 k and it will stop doing that.
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