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  1. I'm going to take it a little further as the Boss SY-300 is one of two indispensable pedals I now use with the Helix and I doubt I will ever need any more effects. Seriously.... The other pedal I use in conjunction is the Eventide H9. If there is something the line 6 can do, which isn't very much, then the H9 will cover it. It's the most comprehensive set of effects in a small box. Both pedals are really good at mangling the sound or as a doubler effect that is part guitar and part synth. I have this set up so that if I use my feet, I can get different synth or h9 patches recalled with each Snap shot, so I 've greatly enhanced the number of different sounds I can get in a single set list. I have both stompboxes running with stereo outs in the chain and I drag the placement of the pedals around for different effects. I can easily change parameters in either box , tied to the expression/foot-pedal that's included on the Helix. I made one spaced out strange wah patch using 3 signal paths, each with different wah and different settings , all triggered at the same time, as well as using the pedal to sweep across the filter cut on a synth sound, so it's a very strange and only possible with the Helix sound. Lastly, I have learned how to use ableton live to automatically switch patches on the Helix, which in turn switch the patches of the other two pedals, to have electronic dance music that I perform live, with several different sounds and patches automatically triggered, no matter where I am on stage. Since guitar is practically a dirty word in Dance music, I have the ability to bring virtuosity to a dance music performance instead of a guy just standing there on a keyboard and can keep the actual guitar sounds to a minimum or nicely blended, while giving the audience the ability to watch my fingers play many main parts in real time, as well as really spacy sound effects. I've done this for psy trance and house, the latter allowing more funk based guitar sounds. This could open up guitar players to playing in dance projects and not having to sit on the side quietly most of the time, the way Ronnie James Dio used keyboard players in his band....keyboard hardly ever playing and out of sight the whole gig. For my rock band I just use the sy-300 for more subtle sounds, but I have a nice palette for intros and breakdown and people always ask me where the keyboardist is hiding, after a show.
  2. How does one become a beta tester. I was one for years for Spectrasonics. I'll put that thing through the paces!!!
  3. I saw in a youtube video for the Music Messe in Germany, where a line 6 employee played a patch on the Helix LT that sounded a lot like the THX effect at the beginning of movies. I have a Helix.. Is there someplace I can get a copy of just that preset? I'd like to mess around with it and come up with my own variation and then upload it here.
  4. I've been using line 6 since the company started. I was an endorsee for quite awhile until recently but still use line 6 and I currently use the Helix as my main live rig. I'm waiting on the Helix Native plugin anxiously so I can use it to record my newest songs with. I started using line 6 to record all my albums with back when I had the pod pro rack mount unit, then later continued using the podfarm VST. Anyway, If you like shred Instrumental guitar, you can now download my latest album for free Since it's been downloaded on torrent sites over a million times, I figured I may as well give it away now anyway. If you like it, I'll be releasing a new album in a couple months. You can either stream it or if you want a physical copy just click on buy and leave the dollar amount at 0. If you wish to pay as little as a $1, that's totally up to you I originally got endorsed/endorsed Line 6 back when Tim Goodwin was the rep over 10 years ago, but I was one of the first to buy their combo amps when they first came out when nobody knew who they were. I was recently told that there is no longer an artist program, but I still continue to use Line6(and unofficially endorse them) even though I no longer get a discount or artist privileges. That's how much I believe in their products! I've been one of their longest supporters and I'll still tell everyone I know how great I think their products are. At least one of us is loyal!! I officially endorse ESP guitars, Peavey Amps, DiMarzio Pickups, Steinberg/Yamaha software, Cool Picks, M-Audio Studio gear, Eventide, Line 6, (unofficially ) Morley Pedals, and Overloud software.
  5. Problem solved. Here is the solution, and Perry, it's quite possible that what you programmed isn't what is changing your patches. By default, the Helix sends our program change messages both through the midi out and the pc/usb out. You have to go to global settings and turn this off because it overrides the instant program change settings. Once it's turned off, I was able to program it to work the way I wanted. I didn't figure this out myself, but a lady at tech support at line 6 helped me figure it out. You go to global settings, then temp/midi and its on the second page of those settings and you turn the last two knobs to off.
  6. So I'm trying to do something that seems like it should be basic but I just cant seem to figure out why it's not working. I'd like for the boss sy300 to jump to a specific patch number instead of being forced to incrementally follow the default patch changes the helix puts out. Without making any adjustments, the helix already changes the patches of the sy300 to correspond with it's own patches/patch #s. I could not get an instant midi message to work, but yet I could get a switch to change it to any number I wanted to in the sy300, just not using the instant lightning bolt. No matter what I did, 1 on helix was always 1 on the sy300, 5 was always 5 on the helix and changed to 5 on the sy 300, etc. etc. I have the instant change and the button change programmed exactly the same in Helix, except one works and the other does not. Any ideas? I've attached a pic to show the button setting that works. The instant setting is identical, but doesn't do a thing
  7. I am getting my Helix this Friday, but I've been wondering why all the other new products have the ability to program a unit or change settings on the fly via ipad or smart phone, while the new flagship doesn't seem to have this feature. Are there any plans for this in the future? Is the unit even capable if they do write an app?
  8. I'm looking to buy a used Variax. Do the 600 and the newer standards have the same firmware capabilities?
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