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  1. No problem. I'm pretty experienced. I've done a lot with classical, acoustic and electric. I gig regularly. That said, hit me with something basic if it will help. I've had the POD HD500X for about a year. Just started downloading patches recently. I've put mics on my amp and checked the volume in Pro Tools ranging from 0 to 100 on the POD. It barely changes the volume on the mixer. Anything you can offer would be appreciated
  2. Hi I've downloaded several great patches for the POD HD500X, but they don't seem to respond to the volume pedal. Some of the patches such as Luke, Luke2, Bogner Shiva Distortion Fusion don't have the volume pedal listed in the effects view. However, even when I add volume pedal as a selection, it doesn't seem to affect the volume. The patches work great if I'm in a controlled environment (like my basement), but I can't use them in a live gig because I can't adjust the volume on the fly. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks - Steve
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