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  1. I have a similar issue. Triryche, I just followed all the instructions to update the amp, but it didn't mention a factory reset. What does that do?
  2. Had the Amplifi 150w for a week and have just bought a MkII Shortboard over the MkII Express and for its added functionality, I'm glad I did. Found a tone I was looking for and am very happy with how it sounds. That said, initial impressions were that this amp is average being used as a boom box, and the sound coming from songs played through the app are falling short of my expectations. If the app had a 10 band EQ on it, the sound may be tweaked to be suitable, but I am tempted to use the app for hunting tones alone, then playing along to my stereo. The Bluetooth connection to the amp also drops out regularly which is completely annoying while using the app. Again, I'll only be using the app to hunt tones, then save them to my Shortboard and use the amp as a standalone piece of equipment.
  3. Quick indeed. The extra $150 was well spent!
  4. Damn you guys are pusuasive. Walked out of the shop with the Shortboard MkII B)
  5. Cheers. I might spend the extra money and go the MkII just to keep on top of updates as this range expands functionality.
  6. TheRealZap, have you personally used an Express (MkI) and found it worked? What would the difference be between it and a MkII?
  7. I just got sent this comparability chart which says FBV2 not supported, but the FBV Express MkII and the SBV Shortboard MkII are, and are the only 2 that are compatible. I am waiting to hear if the FBV Express (not MkII) is compatible because I have access to one for cheap :) http://line6.com/footcontrollers/compatibility.html
  8. Or with FBV Express, or FBV Express MkII? Or FBV4?
  9. Will an FBV2 foot pedal cycle through the amps 4 channels?
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