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  1. I'll check when I reach home!!! I put delays, chorus/vibes , reverb after the amp to get a clean signal then i put the speaker cabinet. I am just 1 week playing with the helix. thanks for all recommendations guys!!!
  2. I build the preset and select the reverb, add to the chain and simply don't work, also Last night I noticed that the Mesa Lone star model have the same problem.
  3. Yes sir, I add 2 reverb and 2 vibes, none of them are working, for example I use 63'spring normally and cave reverb for some cleans and with the deluxe and twin models do not work! chorus and Lesley modulations works fine
  4. I was making a few sets for next gig and using the amp modeling Fender Twin Reverb and Fender Deluxe Reverb I noticed i can't use any reverb or uni-vibe, why??? the amp settings doesn't have any reverb adjustment and if I add reverb they font work??? any other amp setting works fine except Twin and Deluxe...
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