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  1. The unit concept is great. Easy to change guitars. BUTT!!!!!! The power issue sucks Hadley. Sent my unit back got a replacement. Only use it in a peddle board but I find myself giggling it all the time to get it to work. It really sucks when you were onstage. Boss has come out with a version and I’m either going to that or bite the bullet and go with a sure pack. I’ve had nothing but issues with my line 6 products. The amp100 multieffects sucked so bad I gave it away for 50 bucks. When the G10 works it’s great especially when changing guitars. I’m so over this issue.
  2. I too am having the issue after 3months. I created a service ticket. Remember all we do is set it down and it sits there. It’s like our phone where we’re constantly connecting the port. This is a design issue. Not sure why they didn’t just put a regulat power adapter plug. I’m pissed. I was going to go with a different wireless but my buddy let me try his. So I bought it. Now two people have bought it after trying mine. I feel bad.. I shouldn’t have to modify something I paid almost 200 bucks for. I’m not a happy camper with any of my line 6 products and I’m at the point where I won’t purchase another
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