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  1. Thank you for yuor interest. I have several problems. The first is that I don't speak english very well, therefore I don't understand very well what you write. I'm italian. The second is that I'm no expert in this kind of things. At moment I can't to try recording with two guitars, because I dont't have the second guitar, but I just tried inserting the jack in the second input. From POD Farm VST I can't select "Line 1 & Line 2" because they aren't. In POD farm in stand alone I see them but are disabled. Also the path B is always disabled. Sorry for the confusion, I hope you understand something. :) Thank's. G
  2. Hello, it's possible record two guitars in the same time with UX2? When I enter the second guitar there is no input signal. What should I do? Thank's.
  3. I try to save but nothing changes. The problem occurs only with Sony Acid Music. With Reaper it works. Thank's.
  4. How VST from DAW. It works, but then does not save the preset settings.
  5. Sorry, but I didn't understand what you mean.
  6. Hello, I have a problem with my POD Farm plugin. When I insert the presets in the track of my DAW (Sony Acid), then I recorder, saved the project, but when I closed and reopen it, the presets there is no more. There is only the default preset. Please help me. Thanks a lot. G
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