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  1. Again me :) I haven't try again with the PC, but now Android is OK. I forgot the BT AMPLIFI 75 7a in the Android device (THL T200 Android 4.2.2). I uninstalled Amplifi remote in the THL T200. I made a factory reset on the Amplifi 75. I start Amplifi 75 and I connect with BT the THL T200. I installed Amplifi remote in the THL T200. I loging. And it's works!!! Thank you. Best Regards.
  2. No, in fact, the iPad sees the new firmware (2.10) but the PC and Android do not see it. I do not know what to do now.
  3. Actually, I tried already with 3 PC 2 in Windows 8.1 and 1 in Windows 7. Now I update an iPad to 8.3 to install AMPLIFI... Will see!
  4. Hello, Device : AMPLIFI 75 OS : Windows 8.1 64 I installed AMPLIFI Utility 1.00. When I turn on the AMPLIFI 75, Windows tells : "USB Device Not Recognized". And AMPLIFI Utility tells : "No AMPLIFI Devices were detected." I checked on "Device Manager" and I see "Unknown USB device" so I choose "Update driver" and I select the one I download for you site. And Windows tells me "The driver is up to date" but it is still Unknown. Can you help me? Thank you. Best Regards.
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