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  1. Hi people! I have a HD 400 for about a year now, and it began to act... strange... What is going on is: There are a few buttons that just doesnt work or work as it where another button The "Bank Up" when is pressed act's as if the "Bank Down" imediatly after it, and the bank just does not go up (Some times it goes Donw 1 bank :0 ) The FX Only button isn't working, when I press it the POD enters the save mode, as if I had pressed the save button, the save button is working fine The LEFT button (Close to the presets Knob) doesn't go left, sometimes it just doesn't move anything or goes to the RIGHT! The last thing is the "C" bank Footswitch doesn't move to the C bank, when pressed once the POD alternates between the B, C and then stops at the D bank, if you press it an keep it pressed the POD enters the Tunner, the Tunner Footswitch work's just fine... And some times it all happens... Very rarelly I power down the POD and then power it up and everything is solved, very rare... Will this be a hardware problem? Can it be fixed? Or my POD is moving to it's last days in earth? :(
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