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  1. I have heard that it just won't work with the iPhone. I will try it of course, because what have I got to lose. If not, I plan to get a sonic port cheap and route the Amplifi through the mobile pod app, which does work with Gatage band.
  2. Does it work with the iPhone version of GarageBand too, if I have the camera connection kit to convert the lighting 8 pin to USB.
  3. I have a USB audio interface that supplies the output directly into my DAW, it does not require an out from the interface via 1/4" jack. My question was if that was not how the output works on the fx100? Does the USB functionality not mean it uses the USB as a direct out from the unit into my computer rather than having to go out of the 1/4" Jack outputs from the headphones or output socket. I am sorry if that was not clear in my original question.
  4. I read this before purchasing the unit. 'The AMPLIFi v2.1 firmware update turns AMPLIFi 150, 75 and FX100 into powerful class-compliant USB interfaces for Mac, PC and iOS*, making them ideal for use with GarageBand®, Cubase®, Pro Tools®, Logic®, Ableton® Live, Cakewalk® and other pro recording platforms. All AMPLIFi owners can now record with the same exact amp and effect tones they’ve downloaded from the cloud or created themselves.' Does this not mean that it works as a stand alone USB interface?
  5. Hello all, I am new here, be kind :) I read a little about the USB functionality of the Amplifi and it got me thinking of using the unit as a quick and simple solution to guitar recording. I am using an old MacBook (which has the latest OS and updates) and am looking to use the Amplifi as an interface directly into GarageBand via USB so I can get some decent base tones. Is this a function that is possible with the Amplifi or is it only compatible with Windows devices? I am also considering trying to use it as an interface for GarageBand on my iPhone as soon as I get the relevant cables. Is this a possibility or am I just hoping here? Any help, advice and pointers would be appreciated. I own the FX100 if that helps, I believe the functionality is the same throughout the range though so it shouldn't make a difference.
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