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  1. I'm using Mod Chorus Echo on main path - 354 ms - mix 50% - feedback 40% - (no headroom parameter) with a simple delay on same path A, but in parallel with a/b split - 236 ms - mix 35-40% - 10%feedback, both merging to a plate reverb before main output It seems quite like a signal overclipping, but even adjusting volume under 0db, doesn't change much. Maybe it's only that Headphones are good for stereo? or maybe that I shall buy higher impedance ones, such as 250ohm?
  2. It's just like it's not "clean" anymore. atm I'm trying to nail the tone of U2's where the streets have no name and if I play intro arpeggio in stereo mode, it sounds smooth and clean and well defined, while it sounds awful if I put a mono block at the end, making the preset mono in my headphones...less distinct delay repeats and very "noisy"
  3. Usually I build my presets during night, so most of the time I find myself using Headphones, so as far as I put a Stereo Block at the end of the chain, the sound reaching my ears is wonderful, deep, with no harshness or noises. But if I put a mono block and make the whole path mono, it starts to sound awful, and not "clean" and smooth anymore. What's the best choice to make it sound better? leave it Stereo in headphones? I'm also wondering how it would sound in a Mono FRFR speaker.... I'm puzzled....
  4. Is there a way to obtain such preamp sound with Helix effects?
  5. For future firmware updates it would be really nice to have such boost sim in Helix effects
  6. I really really need that preamp :)
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