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  1. Hi, I've been using the stagescape for 2 months now and I'm using them with stagesource speakers. I've been experiencing a cut of 1sec quite a number of time. The band will be playing with no problem, then suddenly, there is a 1sec cut, and it could happen 1-3 times in a row; like someone just pressed the mute button and turned it back on again. There's no rhyme or reason when it happened. It could right at the first set, or at the end of the show. Any help? I only have this one mixer and I can't afford to send it back for warranty that would probably take weeks.
  2. Hi guys, I will be installing the StageSource Speakers with M20d in a local live band pub soon and I couldn't find a supplier for the AES/EBU cables. Since one part of the cabling will be concealed, so I have to make sure that the cables installed are right for the job the first time. The concealed cable also happens to be the longest (ard 15m). I've read some cables description that list AES/EBU and DMX together. My questions are 1) Are they the same? 2) If not, can I use the DMX cables in lieu of the AES/EBU? Hope I get a reply soon, cause I will need to decide to import those cables or if I can use those DMX cables. Kay Shoun
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