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  1. tomstretcher

    Is my Amplifi TT busted?

    i just bought one and i can’t get it to do anything! mine just has one of the 4 tone lights and no reset or anything i try seems to do anything. no sound whatsoever. any advice?
  2. tomstretcher

    Amplifi TT not working

    Can anyone help? just bought an amplify TT took it out of the box plugged it in and… nothing i just get one of the 4 lights under the tone button lit up. i tried doing the reset holding the big button and tone button together but nothing. none of the buttons do anything and it makes no sound at all. pretty annoyed as i was really excited. i tried to download the Amplify utility on both a mac and a pc and it doesn’t seem to exist on the line software page. but i think even if it idid i can’t tdo the reset thing so i guess it’s bust. any help would be appreciated. cheers Tom