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  1. Thanks for the info. My DT50 212 is blowing that fuse under the power chord. I have a DT20 as back up so I used that fuse to test the DT50 and it blew as well. I believe this is the correct fuse as I got the same one (T5AL250V). I'm about to test the amp with the tubes out to see if the fuse pops, if it doesnt then I'll know the issue is not the transformer but my tubes. If it does however, then the link you shared will be handy :) as I suspect it is a transformer issue. My closest Line 6 dealer is 5 hours away even though I live in the capital of Canada, so that is out for me to just do simple tests.
  2. Update: I decided to just try the effect loop. Plugged the HD500x send/receive to the DT25 112 receive/send, The moment I plugged the cable into the send, the amp sound went off but just a very faint noise... I also own a DT50 212 and same behaviour on both amps. Hopefully there's an answer somewhere. Thanks
  3. Hi, wondering if there was ever an answer to this. I'm having the same issue as described. Wanted to try the 4 cable method using my pod HD500x & DT50. Yes, I have been using it with the Link6 as intended but I wanted to try the amp direct with just using the effect loop. For some reason connecting the effect loop disables the amp dials...
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