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  1. I have opened a ticket with the Line6 support and I have a reply: Hi, Yes you can, it will not change the audio or damage the unit. We don't recommend it for Line6 Helix, but Firehawk FX is no problem Best regards, Technical Support Line 6 Support Europe
  2. Thanks for the valuable advise ainthooligan! I a open ticket with line6 now. I will update this post....
  3. Some smaller mixers have global phantom power settings. Just curious why there is no info with regards to phantom power though? It looks like pod500hdx had the built in protection but helix hasn't got it. Line6 saying helix won't get damaged but you may get hiss sound etc... http://line6.com/support/topic/17205-xlr-hiss-phantom-power-and-helix/page-4
  4. Quick question; can you run Firehawk FX's xlr out to the pa mixer with phantom power enabled channel?
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