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  1. Hi, I've been having this issue ever since I started using the ux1 and podFarm, which was about a day ago so it might be that I'm just a newbie on the subject. But even reading through a lot of the threads of this forum I haven't managed quite to solve this. I'm running Pod Farm 2.5 on windows 8.1 using Reaper as my Daw. From what I've gathered here, I'm supposed to set on the mixer viewer the send options to either dry or tone, depending on which ones ill be using for recording. Thing is that, even by setting both on Tone A, and recording on Reaper by selecting either setereo 1-2, or 3-4, or even mono on any of the four, I'm still hearing the dry signal getting through the wet. And I'm not managing to fix this by myself. I muted the send signals, to try and see if maybe somehow I'm recording through two devices simultaneousy. But when recording I got nothing. So my guess would be that somehow Pod Farm is really eager to get that dry signal out, or I'm missing something with the setup. The device on reaper is correctly selected, I am using the Asio audio system, with the Asio Ux1 driver. I do have the first option selected on send one and the last one on send four. Pre-posting edit: I've also tried listening the device with the windows audio options, and I'm getting the wet signal from PodFarm as well as with the dry signal from here too. If I mute the send signals, the whole audio cuts off not just the amplified signal. Thanks in advance
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