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  1. This is again a big surprise. I still didn‘t get any answer from Line6. Please report if swapping the device brings the solution.
  2. Wow, this is really a bad news. I didn‘t expect that even GB on the new ipad pro can‘t record from the hx stomp. I also opened a ticket at Line 6 but still got no answer. I hope we will get our answers soon. In the worst case both companies (Apple and Line 6) come to the conclusion that their products work in 90 % of all cases fine together. It‘s „just“ the combination hx stomp and GB for ios which is not working.
  3. Your description brought to the point to check if the audio resolution is the problem (song preferences in GB). But it makes no difference if I choose 24bit or not. What‘s working is recording via the AUM mixer app. There I created a connection from the hx stomp inputs 1+2 to „IAA/AB OUTPUT 1“ Then I choose in the GB audio track interapp audio and there „AUM output 1“ as an input. It works fine. And it‘s in stereo (even both apps call it „output 1“). Hmmmm, maybe this is not the perfect solution but I can live with that so far. The CPU load is still quite low (2%).
  4. Thanks for the answer bebause now I know I‘m not the only one having this problem. And of course I immediately tried the „iphone trick“, aaaand: it didnt work. Made a short test with loopy. Everything ok, no problem. But: I have an iphone 6. You say GB on iphone 8 works with the hx, right? So, maybe it‘s the processor because what do the ipad 2017 and the iphone 6 have in common compaired to the iphone 8? An older processor. Or maybe it‘s the ios version which makes the difference. I hope we will find the solution because I love GB very much and I dont like the hx stomp at the moment as GB for ios is my favourite tool to record (because it‘s so incedibly easy to handle). Cheers
  5. Hi there, i just purchased a hx stomp and have an issue: I can not record from hx stomp into garageband for ipad. I can see all hx stomp inputs (1,2,...,8 and 1+2, 3+4,..., 7+8) in the garageband input section of an audio track. But there is nothing on the recording. I also tried recording with cubasis and loopy on the same ipad. It works. So, whats different with garageband? Why it doesn‘t work? cheers
  6. Hi, I'm quite shure my problem is not Sonic Port's fault. But maybe somebody can help me to solve it. It's just that I experience a quite loud hum sound when I connect the Sonic Port VX to a USB Charger (wall adapter from IPhone). I am using the instrument input with electric guitar and iPhone via lightning connector cable and the headphone output of the VX. So, it this a ground loop? How is that possible? Is far as I know there should be two different ground potentials to create such a loop. But in this signal chain (guitar > sonic port vx > iPhone via lightning cable> USB wall adapter via mini usb cable) I only assume one ground potential. There is no second device connected to the mains. Whatever it is, does anybody have a solution? Of course when I disconnect the USB charger, the hum is nearly gone. But I purchased the VX especially for this feature (charging and playing guitar at the same time). Do you VX users have the same hum sound when charging an IOS device through the VX via mini USB cable? Thanks in advance for any kind of help Cheers Raybo
  7. Thanks, that's what I wanted to know. So far my footswitch assign disappeared. Should be right underneath the parameter controls of the effect, right?
  8. Hi, so far I'm just fiddeling around with the firehawk remote app (IOS9) to check the features of firehawk fx. After the last update of the remote app I miss the footswitch assignh function. Before it was there (underneath the parameters of the effects). Is it just because I have no device connected? Or in other words: is the function still there in the newest version of the app? It would be terrible if not, because for me (as an amplifi fx 100 user) this is the main reason to buy firehawk fx. Cheers raybo
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