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  1. updated to 10.11.4 still having the same issues with Helix editor app. Loaded everything via my PC and no problems. OwnHammer IRs are installed. Thank you guys for the assistance and advice.
  2. I'll update to 10.11.4 and see if that corrects the HELIX issues. Hopefully that doesn't render other applications useless.
  3. I'm on 10.11.3. While I for the most part like my MAC I am frustrated with consistent pattern of several applications not being able to run properly every time there's an OS update. I keep thinking about getting rid of my PC machine. But then I keep running into issues wherein if I didn't have it, I'd be unable to complete my work at critical times.
  4. I bought a bunch of OwnHammer IRs I'm trying to import them into my Helix do i need the beta helix editor to do this? because i keep trying to use it. it shows it connected, and on the preset but then when i try to import an IR it says Helix not connected. it's a vicious cycle. is there a way to import IRs without the laptop based editor application?
  5. ti67sos

    Helix FAQ

    Regarding preset mode.... I am particulary interested in how the 4 qty FX loops can be integrated in preset mode as i plan on integrating analog drive pedals along with helix effects and run that into a high headroom clean tube amp for live applications. Can i place each loop ANYWHERE in the signal chain independently and program them to come in and out of the signal chain? and can i assign any loop to any preset footswitch position? for example Loop 1: analog drive pedal 1 Loop 2: analog drive pedal 2 Loop 3: analog fuzz pedal Loop 4: analog compressor pedal I'm hoping To use a bank per song and then... Preset FSW1 bring loop 1 into the chain. Preset FSW2 loop 3 and loop 1into chain Preset FSW3 brings loop 4 into chain and no drives, but helix modulation and delay effects. Preset FSW 4 brings loop 1 into chain plus helix delay. Preset FSW 5 brings helix phaser + Loop 1 + Loop 2 and helix delay. Etc. Please let me know if this is possible. I have been trying to sort this on the gear page, but my understanding of preset and stomp mode has been greatly enhanced via my visit here.
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