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  1. OK, thanks. I have NO CLUE what any of that means (I'm a novice), but I can accept that "it's complicated, and unlikely". I am ablt to just put two Reverbs into the chain, so: FS1: OD, Comp, Reverb1 FS4: Reverb2 I just don't like it because it uses one of the 8 slots that I'd like to leave open for something else.
  2. I'm new to this forum, and just got a new POD HD500X. I would like to assign the SAME effect to multiple footswitches. Is this possible? Here's what I am trying to do... For one specific preset (that will be song specific), I have a "Solo" FS1 that turns on an Overdrive, Compressor, and Reverb. No problem. But at other times in the song, I only want to use Reverb without the Overdrive or Compressor. FS1: Turn ON / Off Overdrive, Compressor, Reverb FS4: Turn On / Off Reverb only Can I do this WITHOUT adding two separate Reverb effects to my chain?
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