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  1. Update: I did it. I finally sold my variax 89F. I feel a bit sorry for selling it, but I'll be better off without it. My "build your own guitar" project already started :)
  2. Since no official seems to be interested fixing the issues we have, I'm now thinking about: a) Get rid of my 89F b) Start my own build project ( strandberg-like guitar , fanned fret 7string with some more ergonomic playing styles while sitting ) c) Alternatively I could just start my project without selling the 89F , but I'll certainly won't use the piezos other than for acoustic 6/12string emulation and maybe with low gain settings where the plink is not that pronounced Shame on you, Line6 ;(
  3. New devices didn't help :) After all , it's still a guitar issue with the piezos / firmware.
  4. Hi all! Has been quite some time since I last checked here. As far as I remember I already tried to lower the string volume without successfully muting the pling. But yesterday it was strange..... I was playing with Drop C tuning Special Bridge Pickup Model, Tone&Vol @ 100% , no pling with high gain sound...... Last thingsI've changed were: - Instrument cable (had the cable from rocksmith 2014, which is 6.3mm to usb with an intregrated audio interface in between. must be cheap stuff considering the game costs ~$40 including the cable 50+ songs that have been licensed, etc etc... - Now a non expensive Fender Custom Shop Cable - As audio interface : Laney IRT Pulse At least the songs I played yesterday were pling free..... don't know if this was "by accident" or has anything to do with that new setup. Will try again later today!
  5. I'll bet $10 on the volcano. After 700k years it's about time don't you think :)
  6. @Line6 Support/Techs : Almost 3 month have passed since we got a statement that you were looking into the problem to find a solution. Was there anything you could find out and do you consider putting up some pre release firmwares for our guitars to let us help you solve these problems in a more effective way?
  7. @Tony : If it helps I'll send in some samples as well for comparison. Kind regards Alex
  8. Hi all. I've read before that this worked on a jtv59, so i gave it a try. Just bought a set of 11-52 Elixir Acoustic strings (Phosphor bronze) and replaced just the e string. Plink still there but way less than before. Doesnt feel that disturbing anymore while playing. Its more like modeling sounds differrent compared to magnetics , not plink on/off. I'll post some samples later today.
  9. Looks like I did well buying a 7string :/ I still have my 89F but most of the time I'm playing it with the magnetic pickups. Still no progress, why on earth won't they release an updated firmware with the option to EQ the individual strings. EQ'ing within my DAW takes away so much tone, even if I narrow the Band in that frequency to a minimum. There has to be a proper solution.
  10. I had one thing come into my mind today..... if we had the chance to have a string-independent tone knob control that could at least help us tweak the settings. You can edit string tuning, volume, pitch, mix, blending etc etc. but this possibility is simply missing here. Could be a game changer, what do you think guys?
  11. My flatwounds arrived today. Just swapped the E6 string to not rise the overall string tension too much. As expected the "plink" went almost completely away. But as Charlie already said, the sound suffers significiantly. Sounds a bit like "Tone at 0%" . In comparison to before I don't hear any differences between "Tone 100%" and "Tone 0%" on the E6 string now.
  12. I currently have Elixir Nanowebs, great with the magnetics but terrible with the piezos. If I ever make it to start a FearFactory coverband and still use my JTV89f..... I could call that band PlingFactory :) Edit: Now sending a huge mail to my retailer, in hope the come up with suggestions.
  13. Hi all! Got my guitar back today - as expected no errors were found. So I plugged it back into my amp, and voilá my favourite pling noise is still there. Looks like my guitar could be back to the retailer in a couple of days for demonstration, this time I'll take my amp and cable to show them what's going on. But before that happens I still want to sort things out. Made some tests today on my amp (Fender Mustang v2) and on my PC with a DAW software and BiasFX as VST plugin. It made no difference , in both setups the "plinging" sound is very audible. Some pages and posts before I think I was reading something about "pick scraping". So I did exactly this , I palm muted the string and just scraped the string with my pick longitudinal - and got exactly the noise I hear with regular palm muted playing. That could lead to the conclusion that the piezos are so microphonic that they just pick up this sound. Maybe we don't hear this sound on the A5 string because the pick doesn't get so far between the string wounds - the A5 string is less in diameter, has around 1kg more tension and the space between each wounds could be smaller as well, maybe this difference is big enough for the pickup to react so completely different. This all will lead me into a final test: I'll order some D'Addario ECG23 Chromes Flatwound 10-48 strings. My dad has those on his Ibanez. I'm not a huge fan of those strings, especially when it comes to slides when you don't have bone dry fingers. Also I don't really like the sound when it comes to the magnetic pickups (could be the pickups of my dad's guitar ; but D'Addario says those strings have a more mellow tone). Don't know if this even has effects on the piezos though. If I order them today I might get them tomorrow , to keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck that this works- kind regards Alex
  14. Hi all, today I had my 89f in the shop where I bought it to check to do some research with the tech guys over there. Surprisingly playing on their amp , some old small amp, no problems occured. In Lester1 model and jtv-neck humbucker I couldn't notice a difference at all. Even in Baritone tuning pinch harmonics sounded the way I think they should have sounded, without audible wavering. In the first 5-10minutes they tried my guitar alone so maybe they turned some knobs to mask this which I dont think they did . They came up with possible explanations. One could be the strings, they suggested usind D'addario NYXL round wound strings that may aid to dampen those noises a bit. I'm currently using Elixir Nanoweb Light strings(10-46 I think) . I think those strings play in the same league. I'll try them but I honestly don't think they will be a game changer. Another problem could be my setup itself. Setup1: Guitar with DSP with Rocksmith Realtone Cable (integrated sound card/dsp) into PC. Setup2: Guitar with DSP into effects pedal (Zoom G2.1u ; set to tuning mode) which is connected via usb. And on my PC through asio driver into Guitar Rig (another DSP) or into a DAW software with BiasFX as VST plugin. So maybe there is just too much processing, filtering and modulation and compressing in the line that I (and maybe others) get such strange audio artifacts. As an IT guy I must think of (re-)encoding video files over and over. Let's say take a 1080p60 video from a Blu ray, encode it to 720p30 , reencode this to 1080p60 on a low bit rate and upload the result to YouTube. The end result won't be pretty any more. Anyway, I insisted on sending the guitar to the nearest L6 techs to check for anything wrong just to be sure. When it comes back in 2-3 weeks and found to be in a perfect working condition, I will try several setups and keep you informed about any progress. kind regards Alex
  15. Ah ok you looked into my Ticket :) My latest answer was before digging deep into this thread. That was my first attempt trying to figure out what's going on and whats steps I can do myself before taking the guitar into the store to sort things out with the personnel. My attempt was dropping the volume of certain strings. I did this by completely muting E6 and then playing it. Then lowering the volume of A5 until it stopped ringing with it. But that was just a test. My result came out with E6:45% , A5:50% ; D4:55% ; G3:100% ; B2:100% ; E1: 50% so that no string interferes with the other ones. That still may be completely wrong - could have really nothing to say. I consider myself as a beginner with music , just playing for about 1,5 years now. Think the best way is to get the Guitar to the shop where I bought it, let them take a look on it, let them test the same models (they should have plenty in stock) for comparison and then suggest a proper solution, which is covered by my warranty.
  16. Same problem here with my 89F bought in Germany ( Music Store Cologne ) about 3-4 months ago. Its through all tunings, most audible though in standard tuning. Strange thing if I play pinch harmonics , it sounds more or less good in standard tuning, but especially on the E6 and A5 the harmonics sound like some dying dinosaur or something like this. Looks like Miroslav made a huge effort to find out what's causing this problem - I really hope his (and all other contributors) voice will be heard and will result a productive reaction. After reading all 9 pages it got more and more frustrating, especially if I keep in mind why I bought this guitar and how long it probably will take to fix this permanently if it ever will be fixed. Some examples I had : Palm muted playing: Some days ago I was playing "Zero Signal" from Fear Factory (Baritone Tuning) , all I could hear is that E6 plinging noise instead of the note was playing. This is really distracting me. Pinch harmonics: Slipknot - Psychosocial , right in the beginning there are some pinch harmonics that are played on E6 and A5 strings. They sound so badly that you just don't want to do them any more, no matter what model you are playing with. (in my case I use Lester-1 most of the time) This will lead me to buying a regular 7string guitar - that was a step I wanted to avoid with buying the JTV89F. At the moment it feels like if I bought an AWD car which just drives the rear wheels once I'm on snow and ice :/ I opened up a ticket today, I got a friendly response which adresses that the combination of palm mutes / harmonics along with distortion amplify some problems with certain models. That was before reading this thread which helped me alot to understand what's going on.
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