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  1. feorwine

    amplifi 150 data connection continuing issues

    It could be a good idea to gather specific inforrmation about the dropouts, such as connected device (iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, etc), OS (iSO 7, iOS 8, Jelly Bean, etc) and such. Maybe it's related to OS updates? IDK. It's weird that media streaming is unaffected.
  2. feorwine

    Amplifi 150 stereo effect on guitar input

    I was thinking on a workaround for the stereo problem. If you could monitor in stereo in your Wn PC (Sound->Recording Devices->AMPLIFI->Properties->Listen->Listen to this device) you could theoretically feed the line output from your PC back to the AMPLIFI in near real time. Don't have the AMPLIFI, so I can't test my theory.
  3. feorwine

    Amplifi 150 stereo effect on guitar input

    Macsax, can you hear the stereo fx through the PC (Mac?) speakers when you're monitoring the AMPLIFI as USB input (not through the AMPLIFI itself)? I'm considering getting an AMPLIFI 150. The mono guitar effects aren't really a dealbreaker for me, but the WET/DRY info in the official page is clearly misleading.