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  1. Oeps, but I don't have a Variax, just normal guitars!
  2. Hi, Anyone experienced in which effects to use for citar sound? Or maybe someone who wants to shair a citar patch? So far nothing found in the Custom tones from line6. b.r.
  3. Or... Just put path A under Patch i.e. 1A and the other under 1B, Don't make it complicated when it can be a piece of cake! Or do I mis something here!
  4. PianoGuyy: "I use an mp3 player. I set my master volume to match. That way I am always pumping out relatively the same volume" Please tell which mp3 player you use? I Used my Mobile phone Samsung S3 NEO. But the volume is to low for me. Would be an Apple IPOD a better one to use? Or maybe someone else who can tell which mp3 player is better for this.
  5. Dear all, Just bought the HD500X. For now everything lloks oke, but just a small problem. I want to use the POD HD500X also in combination with an headphone, so I do not disturb my partner and kids :) What I want is play an MP3 song from my laptop using Youtube. How can I adjust the the volume from the guitar so that it's not to loud against the youtube volume? As far as I hear and discovered is that the youtube audio is comming over the USB lead! Using a mini JACK cable from the laptops line-out to the MP3-in connector on the HD500X is not loud enough. I tried also my mobile phone, same problem, not loud enough. Youtube volume is adjustable by turning the MASTER knop (Most right knop) on the HD500X, but also the guitar volume goes up or down at the same time. In this situation the youtube sound is comming over the USB connection. The only thing I can do, as I discoverd so far, is turning the Moddeling- AMP volume knop up or down. ( Second knop from the right called VOLUME). Can someone explain whats the best way to connect the laptop or a mobile phone to the HD500X so I can rehearse my solo's along while listing to youtube as backing track? Would be nice that I also can adjust effects etc. using the EDIT software at the same time to adjust FX's and other parameters. Please advise. Thanks in advance, Cheers Eric.
  6. Anybody out there who knows which bugs are fixed in Amplifi app version 2.13.0 from today? Cheers!
  7. Hi There, Does anyone know when the next Firmware update will be there for the Amplifi FX100? What will be improved and which bugs will be fixed?
  8. Or let me ask this in a different way, how can I use the FX100 during a gig. So same sound but for a lead part a little louder and a different sound for a verse etc. How to program his?
  9. Hi, Hopefully stompbox mode will be available in the next software / firrmware update. Till then, whats the best workaround to simulate stompbox mode on the Amplifi fx100? Cheers! Eric
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