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  1. HI all, Currently looking i investing in the Rackmounted Line 6 POD HD but there is an issue I would like to clear up before I purchase. I am currently using an old Boss GT-8 which is absolutely diabolical in terms of sounds. I set up in the 4cm so that I can place certain effects before and after the preamp (Marshall JCM 2000 DSL). When I set up the signal chain, I can place the pedals external effects loop into the chain as an active component. IE: WAH>>VOLUME PEDAL>>OVD>>(Unused inbuilt preamp simulators)>>EQ>>EXTERNAL EFFECTS LOOP>>CHORUS>>DELAY>>REVERB All of the above are interchangeable so I can have any signal chain I wish. My worry is, that, from the online videos I have looked at, and a quick glance of the manual, I cannot figure out where the external effects loop in in the POD's signal chain. Am I missing something here?
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