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  1. +1 to Marshall 2555 but please do Black Jub. Early Silver Jubs before circuit revision sound like @ss 1×12 combos sounds cute too, they're bit different circuit-wise due to lack of choke
  2. Good question. I would love to know as well Look, since at least last decade piezo equipped solid bodies are very popular and I can't really see reflection of this in modelers. It could be a big selling point to have some sort of API or Nave pre models in Helix for that use, or clean pre + mic models already built in to Helix Big acoustic support is something that never happened before - go L6 team ; )
  3. Hi, new guy here, please go easy on me - specially if my questions ware already answered Since quite a few months I'm doing research for multieffect rack unit for myself. Everything was going smoothly until press release of Helix Kemper's approach is great, but the lack of deep edition and no IR potentiality sets it to no no Now the Fractal AxeFX seemed to be a perfect solution for me, but there is no chance to even touch it before purchase. I wont blow over 2k£ (+ price of controller) for a piece of gear on the basis of an opinions on the web Now the Helix. Before I put the trigger on one I really need to know as much as I can about it First question. Is the price on Thomann.de (around of 1k£ for rack unit) is what we can expect? Other question is about capabilities. Is it possible (or will be in future) to have deep editing possibilities like changing type of tonestack, preamp/PA valves or type of rectifier like in Fractal's units? How about of software updates, new amp models - what is general Line6's politic about that? I'm a former Line6 gear user, years ago I used to use POD XT Life, so I know what kind of politic Line6 was using (paid extensions - model packs). I'm just wondering if it changed since fusion with Yamaha Corp. Don't get me wrong, I won't complain if you do charge me for worthy expansions, but it would be really nice to feel more love and support from L6 Anyway, congratulations on the start, the list of features and general appearance is mind blowing, can't wait to see Helix in my local shop
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