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  1. okay. I have a Mission sp-1 WITH toe switch. i cannot get the toe switch (out2) to engage/disengage the wah I have a Helix Floor
  2. ugh... I hope so. This is frustrating.
  3. I just got a mission sp1. Can someone walk me through how to set it up as a wah control???
  4. I just got a mission sp1. Can someone walk me through how to set it up as a wah control???
  5. Okay, can you point me to the auto off feature then please?
  6. Aaaaaahhhh. That makes sense. Well, can I use the exp3 jack to allow a switch to change a midiCC#? Wah engage/disengage?
  7. The switch is plugged into exp3 with a ts cable. How else did you think I plugged it in?
  8. I guess I wasn't clear. I want a switch to activate my wah on/off, and use the Ernie Ball VpJr as the wah. So far I've been able to utilize my Vp as the wah, I just haven't been able to use the switch I installed in the pedal to turn the wah block on and off. I have the EB pedal plugged into Exp2, works fine for wah. Overall a playable and usable wah. No where near as intricate as the AxefxII but it'll do. Now, I need my switch plugged into Exp3 to turn the wah on and off. I got it to recognize the switch and it does turn it on for a split second, then back off again. Any ideas?
  9. Hello all, I just crossed over from AxefxII. Love my Helix so far! Can someone tell me exactly how they setup their Ernie Ball Vp jr as a wah please? From what I've read we DONT use TRS cables with the Helix....? Also, I've mounted a switch in my EB vpjr to turn the wah on and off, so I guess what I'd like is to have the switch be the on/off in exp3 and have the wah go to exp2. Does this sound about right? I would just use the Mounted expression pedal but I'm left footed. Any help would be appreciated! Thx!
  10. You will always find some audio-purists that will tell you that "true" stereo seldom exists/works live, or that if you 100% pan Left and Right that somehow the audience only gets one signal and loses the other, but I'm here to tell ya, that is Incorrect/crap. I use stereo effects live and use two simultaneous amplifiers set in stereo on my Fractal and it sounds astonishing! Maybe these audiophiles definition of stereo is so refined that they are right but if you have stereo cabs hooked up I promise you it can sound amazingly broad and interesting. This CAN be attained live. I do it twice a week for over ten years with a rudimentary setup and it sounds killer! Ping pong delays, chorus applications, other modulating effects and really be effective in a live setting and is simple to attain. Keep in mind that some of these nuances aren't nearly as effective on a live crowd as it is to you and shouldn't trump your efforts to achieve an overall great sound mix.. Always be prepared to give a left and right signal to a soundman but also always have a killer mono signal prepared, because some people just don't want to be bothered with panning effects on a show night, or their system isn't panned properly. I Have seen dozens of sound men raise their eyebrows when they hear the stereo mix I sent them from my AxefxII ! It's also a good idea to bring xlr-1/4" adapters as some sound boards don't have a mic/line in button on their desk. The Helix rig I'm about to build will definitely be a stereo rig and it will also sound as amazing as my AxefxII rig. Do it! Good luck!!
  11. So did the OP just get on a Helix page asking what to buy instead of a Helix that does the exact same things a Helix does for the exact same amount of money? I'm confused... I don't mean to sound rude, I was just taken aback.
  12. I think that Fractal has done an astounding job at keeping us Axefx users stockpiled with free IRs and constant updates. That machine has truly changed the way I gig, work doing sessions, and teach guitar. Fractal is the very top of the mark. It is completely untrue that it is best for metal but not for other styles. That's just ridiculous... The Axefx is a tweakers wet dream. If you're not interested in diving into a heavy parameter field then you might want to look elsewhere. Comparing the Axefx to a device that hasn't even hit the street is also laughable. Really? You've TopTenListed it with other devices, compared it to benchmark, almost decade long existence and it hasn't even shipped yet? Wow. Look, getting into this new device is exciting for me too. Truthfully I think line6 gear has yet to compare even a LITTLE bit to fractal. Historically it has had good intentions but never went the whole way. I do think that the POD had a massive effect on recording, th hd500 certainly has impressed a few guys I know and respect But tue Helix looks like it changes things... Line6 might've just caught up a bit. For me personally the size of the device, not needing a rack, the aluminum construction, and a fearsome display is enough for me to buy one and hope it works out for my tastes and needs. I am pretty confident it will. But watching a handful of videos isn't the evidence I require. So I'm not going to compare and make judgements with this thing to any device just yet. I figured I should probably actually play one first!
  13. So the helix has two exp jacks on the back. On my MFC-101 (Axefx) I have an Erine Ball vp Jr. That I modified to have a Mission latching switch so I can engage/disengage my wah but I need two expression jacks to utilize the Axefx wah function: one switch for engage and one switch for wah sweep. Am I going to need both of Helix exp jacks just for a wah? I'm going to try to use the onboard exp first but I am imagining not liking it because it's on the right side of the board and it seems kinda ...petite... It would be very cool to have a left footed version of this beast! I know it's maybe wired but I simply prefer my left foot for vol.wah.exp.whammy.... Thanks!
  14. I currently have acoustic IRs I use with my Axefx... They sound pretty killer and I can adjust the amount of that IR I use. A lot of people don't use IRs with the Axefx tho. They might just add a little compression or an EQ ... Watching the tutorials of the Helix and reading the material I keep seeing people say that it's for "electric guitars and electric basses". I am primarily an acoustic player and I love effects and expressing n pedals. I just need to hear from someone that acoustic-electrics are possible with the Helix, and if not I should probably stop drooling over this thing! I was thinking that I could just us an LR Baggs DI after the helix as well. Any further ideas or notes of wisdom is appreciated!
  15. I have a stellar Axefx rig. I adore it tremendously and have found it to be awesome with an acoustic guitar. Has Line6 thought acoustic applications with the Helix yet? Are there any acoustic models that come stock? Or maybe is it just assumed that acoustic players can get the Helix and just find ways to make it work? Thanks!
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