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  1. Curious Anybody hooked a Bluetooth wireless adaptor to the back of a 150 for wireless headphones? Was thinking about wireless Bluetooth adaptor to connect with a Bose or similar headset setup. Getting married in a bit and I'm sure my new wife will not appreciate my late night sessions.
  2. Anybody download iOS 8.4 yet. Curious if conectivity issues persist.
  3. Hello again, Just received replacement. Worked great for 10 minutes with a little "Shine on you Crazy Diamond"...... Then.... Connection dropped. No Device. No Level. Tell me a moderator is reading the above posts and passing this along to those that have the power to update the coding. Its a sweet product but needs to live up to its expectations and advertising. Ok back at the keyboard...... Experimenting here so i tuned off most notifications and push data from apps within ios 8. Synced Bluetooth. Selected song, selected tone. Swiped up to disconnect wifi. It appears to be working with that setup. Now ill play with it a bit and reconnect wifi. Im hoping its a notification or data push that is interfering with the connection.
  4. I'm having my brand new 150 replaced. Same issues. Its paired, works great. Then i go into my music, choose a song, then choose a tone.... I back out of it to the main screen. On the left menu under TONES No Device in grey, Under TOOLS , level is greyed out and will not select. Under settings, Device Flash..... Device Flash Version: No device. So close the app. Re open the app and it syncs. Go to the my music and the SAME THING. I have performed all the recommendations, however sporadically placed on their support pages they may be, and all firmware is current. IM GIVING THEM ONE LAST CHANCE BY REPLACING THIS UNIT. IF SAME ISSUE OCCURS ITS NO LINE 6 PARA NADA.
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