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  1. Thank you Cebreez for your reply,and suggestions. i use headphones and no pedals.
  2. I've been using my FX 100 for about six months and loved it,but now its making a pulsing buzzing noise when not hitting the strings. I did the factory reset, and pedal calibration, but no change. anyone have any ideas?
  3. Thanks, Triryche, I cant believe it was that easy, i'm up and running!
  4. I've only had the fx 100 for about week, but i already love it. I've recorded some stuff using the mains out into a Presonus audio box, into Presonus Studio Pro, and it sounded great, but i did the available update, and now I want to try using the USB straight into my laptop. I couldn't find a tutorial on this, how do i get started?
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